Friday, February 26, 2016

Short and Sweet for Friday

I'm heading North today and will be attending the Sewing Expo in Puyallup tomorrow. If you should see me there, please say hi!
I'm also going to meet my new grand-nephew. (who is a couple of months old now!)

I got this quilted and was hoping to get the binding on yesterday, but ran out of day....

Remember this applique block I got from Mary Koval in France? I did a little repair job and I think it is perfectly usable now!

In a humble sort of way.......

Some fabric pulled for the doll swap quilt. 

My instagram feed this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Just yesterday I thought "Guess I won't do the cheddar bow tie quilt" then I see yours. Maybe just a small one when the Tumbler monster is done.

  2. great cheddar bow ties
    have fun tomorrow

  3. I love your doll quilt fabrics! Have fun In Puyallup! I'll be at the coast this weekend.

  4. Have fun at the Expo. I had planned to go but too many other fun things happ Ning this weekend.

  5. Lori, i love your bowtie quilt, the cheddar really makes it POP!
    A perfect make-do & mend job on your antique quilt block too!
    Love the fabric you've chosen for your little doll swap quilt.. can't wait for sign up day! Have fun at the sewing expo :))

  6. Beautiful bow ties quilt ! I wish a funny day tomorrow !
    Oh ! Your vintage block is super cute like this !!

  7. Love your bow tie quilt--enjoy the expo sounds like great fun

  8. Can't wait to see what you do with the antique block! Have fun at Expo!

  9. I love the winter quilt with the words let it snow. Can you tell me about the pattern. I would love to make that quilt.

    1. That's called Wear Warm Clothes by Country Threads.

  10. Lori! edredón pajarita es muy bonito,
    el aplique antiguo una ilusion,
    buen fin de semana

  11. Sweet bow ties, with all that cheddar. Another doll quilt swap? If I'm not too late, I'd like to join in!

  12. I finished my Bow tie quilt the week. What a great feeling to have that UFO marked off the list. Have fun at Sew Expo. There wasn't any classes I wanted so I will miss it again this year. It would have been fun to meet you there.

  13. Love the cheddar background with the bowties!
    Oh, I can tell I am going to like your doll quilt for the swap!

  14. Love the bowtie quilt! That cheddar was a great background selection! I'm always running out of day too... especially when the clock speeds up after I get home from work... lol! Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. I like the antique flower block you repaired and look forward to seeing what you do with it.


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