Monday, March 7, 2016

Benjamin Biggs Revisited

I thought I had 2 borders on my 3x3 quilt top.........I guess not. 

 I did have 2 border swags fused. I got them appliqued and tried to remember what I had planned to do for the corners. It's always a good idea to make notes and put with the quilt if it is going to get packed up for awhile. (I did not do this!)
I added the threesome buds and I like the way it is looking.
 My corner swag looks like it will be too big, so I'll redraft 2 of them that will meet in the corner. Lots of  machine applique is on my list this week!!

It was so cold but we took the dogs to the park today to give them a bit more space to run and play. It has been one week and Elsa is making some progress at fitting in- although she ran to the neighbors today and met the 2 dogs. Thankfully my neighbor and myself were outside and all 4! dogs got along okay. We are keeping Elsa away from playing with "other" dogs until her wound is completely healed.  Thanks for all your wonderful words of support concerning our adopting her. It has been an exhausting week! LOL It has been many years since we've had a puppy.

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. B. Biggs is looking wonderful. I love the swag border. So happy that Elsa is working out. Such a sweet face.

  2. Hooray for your B.Biggs ! It's going to be awesome and I love the border....
    What a success Lori !
    I'm glad that Elsa is "friend" with other dogs...and she has a sweet face !! :)

  3. Benjamin is looking good! I always wish that I had put notes in my projects, but usually when they get cast aside I think it will be for a short time - haha - silly me! LOVE Elsa - what a cute picture. Glad that everything is working out.

  4. The border will be lovely when you get it finished. Those type of borders look like a lot of work and I've never done one like it, although I do have an appliqué border that I need to get finished on an old UFO. Why aren't there more hours in the day?

  5. Oh, that border is a beautiful finish!
    I always say having a puppy is like having another child, and there is a reason why we have children when we are young! You are holding up admirably!! : )

  6. You are such a prolific quilter! I love seeing all your quilts and marvel at how many you do. And I really enjoy all of them.

    When you do machine appliqué what do you do? Fuse and sew on raw edges? Turn edges under and fuse and then stitch? Buttonhole stitch? Fine zigzag? Other?
    Carol Nichols.

  7. Your Ben Biggs is looking wonderful and I like the addition of the three teardrops to the swag border. Can't wait to see what you do for the corners.

  8. Looking good! I've been wanting to try a similar border on one of my quilts. Love the swags and simple applique.:)

  9. Your Benjamin Biggs quilt is looking great!! I'm so glad to see yours!!

  10. Your BB is beautiful ! I can wait to see what you do with the corners.
    Elsa is adorable!

  11. I had forgotten that your Benjamin Biggs was made into a 3 x 3. I have done the same as you in not making notes about what I intended. I don't even have to put the project away to forget at times. I am getting better at putting a note with the pattern. Or attaching a note with a piece of fabric as to what it was intended for such as background fabric. And I might keep the fabric receipt with it so I know where it came from. But have just recently started that.

  12. Elsa is such a cutie! Puppies are so much fun, but definitely a LOT of work!! Benjamin Biggs is coming along and looking great. I love the red/blue on yours.

  13. Beautiful quilt, I love sway borders. Elsa is so adorable, such a beautiful face and sweet eyes. I hope you ll continue to tell us about her here on your blog.

  14. B Biggs looks terrific. Love the swag border. Wait with interest to see what your corners will be. Elsa looks quite content, but maybe hoping to be a front seat passenger? :)

  15. bigs looks great. I the olden days they'd just cut it off and move on, but like you, I'd redraft.
    what a sweet puppy - glad she's doing good.


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