Friday, March 18, 2016

Phenomenal Friday

This has been a crazy week, starting off with losing an hour! I had puppy class Monday and Wednesday because we were making up one class. It's an hour drive ONE WAY - thank goodness Elsa is a great passenger. She is also really exhausted when we leave too. (Me too!)

Here are 5 more blocks of Cheri's scrap basket quilt. They are fun and simple.

 This was Elsa yesterday in my sewing room. Is it any wonder I'm not getting a lot of sewing done? Her injury is almost all closed up! Yay! Wonder how long it will take for her hair to grow back.
Here is the backing of ,y doll quilt for the swap. I'm hand quilting it in the evenings. 
Sunday night at midnight is the cut off. If you have not sent me your mailing address at any point this week, you are not signed up! I think we will have about 70 swappers again this year! Thanks for your understanding on the rules and such. It gets a little crazy. 

Here's my Instagram for this week.  
Loved The Nightingale, couldn't quite get into The Truth According to Us. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend! Make it a wonderful one!


  1. It was quite a week here too. Looking forward to starting my little quilt this weekend

  2. It is amazing that you were even able to stitch a few adorable blocks! Have a great and relaxing weekend! And I love the backing of your swap quilt!

  3. It looks like Elsa is settling in just fine and you will soon have more sewing time. I decided to skip the doll quilt swap this time. Too many things already in the works to take on another project and not do it the way I really would like to. I look forward, though, to seeing what all the participants make.

  4. Elsa is so cute in your sewong room, helping her Mom !!
    Love your blocks and I am hand quilting too my doll quilt swap today !
    Congratulations for the 70 swappers !! What success !!

  5. Your hand quilting is simply amazing.

  6. Cute blocks, Lori.
    Oh, who can sew with that face looking eagerly your way? Wanna play, huh, huh?

  7. I like the diagonal hand quilting. Can't wait to see who I get to make a quilt for. I think I should Hand Quilt My Entry for the Doll Quilt Swap. That will make it more like you describe, dragged through the dirt...huh? This is going to be FUN! Thanks for the Swap. Enjoy your weekend. SPRING!!!

  8. What a TEASE you are!!! I hope you aren't expecting ME to hand quilt my doll quilt??? Not gonna happen.
    I also have enjoyed The Nightingale, although I've been listening to it...
    Love your little blocks for Cheri's mystery. They all match!! Very impressive!

  9. Elsa is so cute! Obedience class is always a good idea - our shepherd Daisy is almost 2 and could certainly use a refresher! Looking forward to the doll quilt swap - already working on mine!

  10. Your blocks are wonderful, just saw a few of them all put together, going to be a beautiful quilt.


  11. If Elsa is half as entertaining in real life as she is in photos, she must be a fun pup! Glad the training is going well. It's hard to tire out a puppy, they must really be working you hard. LOL
    Love the doll quilt backing. I'm sorting through my little bin of extra blocks to see what's lurking in there that might want to be included in a doll quilt.

  12. Elsa is very cute! happy handquilting!

  13. Love your blocks, that will be a lovely little quilt. I remember going to puppy class with Whopper, the class lasted an hour but always after 45 mins that was it, he could not concentrate anymore, he was worn out. The last 15 mins he was the bad boy of the class :-) All this learning takes a lot out of them,, but it is fun to see them progress.

  14. If Elsa was at "school" in the morning, I'm sure she is really exhausted in the afternoon, like my grandchildren ;-)
    I'm assembling my blocks for the doll quilt! Hope it will turn nice!
    Full week here, too.

  15. oh how I remember those puppy classes - I used to leave sweating! ha ha
    cute blocks.


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