Monday, May 16, 2016

1857 and Thoughts on Medallion QAL

 I got all caught up on the 1857 blocks! Well, almost. I need to do the embroidery on the bird. Most of them were simple this month, but I'm glad gay is throwing in a little more detailed one too.

After announcing the Gwennie inspired medallion quiltalong someone posted about this book so I purchased it used from Amazon for 1 cent + 3.99 shipping! It was published in 1988 and the Gwen's theme then now are the same!

In the introduction (I'm going to assume it was Gwen) it is talking about the current thought on applique quilts and what most people thought they "should" be.

"The aim of nearly any new technique is to remove the element of chance from the quiltmaking process. Appliqued vines, therefore, should not be allowed to wander along any meandering path they choose, starting and stopping at corners, asymmetrically and lazily waving to one another across the quilt. 
(isn't this perfectly visual?) They should have the same number of curves on each side and all four corners should be the same." "All stitches must be chastely hidden, not nakedly flaunted"

"Most mid-19th century appliques were made within a format, not with a pattern."

Whether we are piecing or appliqueing I think this sentence sums up the meaning of "Gwennie Inspired"
I just love that! I cannot wait to see everyone's medallion center!!

If you are joining us on the medallion QAL feel free to grab the button on the sidebar. Cynthia gives simple directions here if you don't know how. Thanks Cynthia!

To grab the button, copy the HTML code that is in the little window below the button (on Lori’s blog) (above where it says “generate your button code).

Once you have that copied… go into your own blog and click:

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HTML code - paste the code you’ve copied into the content window. Save, and voila!

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. I just ordered Gwen's book. However I had to pay 49 Hugs

  2. You've made great progress on your 1857 quilt. I need to sew mine down yet and put on the corner pieces.

  3. Your 1857 blocks look great.

  4. I bought that book in 1988 and I still love it today. I too am looking forward to seeing all the spectacular inspirational medallions!

  5. Love all the background inspiration going into this quilt along. It is going to be fun to watch everybodies ideas come together.

  6. Got my button! Great instructions, thanks to you both.

    Your blocks are looking great. Congrats on finding the book!

  7. I was working on a basket block for the medallion and have decided it was to washed out looking. I think I am in a mood for something with more color so back to the drawing board. I just ordered the book you mentioned....not a one cent price but still very inexpensive.

  8. Got the button! Looking forward to the next design element too. :-)

  9. That is such a great book, and a great deal! Your blocks continue to be fabulous!

  10. I am so excited for the next round for the Gwennie QAL!

  11. A great buy on Gwen's book! Had to laugh when reading her thoughts on vines in the border and around corners...kept thinking about our Beyond the Cherry Tree borders and how those corner vines just wander off in their own direction and they are perfectly happy:-). Great 1857 blocks - your colors are are delightful!

  12. Congratulations for your blocks ! They are beautiful. ..
    I have ordered 3 books from Gwenn Marston because I didn't know anything about her work... I will received them this week normally !

  13. Congratulations for your blocks ! They are beautiful. ..
    I have ordered 3 books from Gwenn Marston because I didn't know anything about her work... I will received them this week normally !

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  15. Interesting Gwennie quote. Beautiful new blocks, they look lovely.

  16. Lori, I think you and several of the ladies who commented above bought all the inexpensive copies of Gwen's medallion book. When I checked online at several used bookstores a few days ago, they were in the $20.00 price range! Perhaps I'll see if I can have my library do an inter-library loan.

    Thanks for including the quotes from the book. While it doesn't give a clear vision of what the quilt, or even parts of the quilt, will look like, it gives a clear guide for creating the quilt.

    I'm coming late to this quilt-along and am still deciding on a basket, colors, fabrics, etc., but I hope to have something to show by the beginning of June!

    Thanks for organizing and inviting others to participate in the QAL.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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