Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First Friday

Well, first Friday at Quiltworks was last Friday and I was unable to go, but they were having a parking lot sale on Saturday so I was able to go to both that day! I really had a fun weekend and this exhibit was a part of it.
The featured quilter was Prudence Lay.

 This was a fun way to use panels.

 Her quilts definitely had a floral theme!

 The Material Girls had a napkin challenge. I've shared their challenge before. I think they do it once a year.
 The napkin.
 The quilt.

 My favorite napkin.
 Too stinkin' cute!

I'll be back Friday to share the rest of my fun weekend with you!

Remember, you can still link-up your Front Porch quilt HERE.
And your Gwennie Inspired medallion center HERE.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. What a treat. Thanks for the eye candy.

  2. Looking forward to visiting QuiltWorks during the Sisters Show Lori. Wish we had a shop that did something similar, thanks for all the lovely pictures.

    That napkin challenge is too cute!

  3. I need to go to IKEA and look at their napkins! Thanks for taking us with you to the show. Did you have good luck at the parking lot sale?


    1. Yes I did! I'll show and tell on Friday!

  4. Thank you for sharing these beauties with us. Prudence sews gorgeous quilts. I always love to see the napkin challenge. It was fun and cute. I love the birds too. ;^)

  5. I love the napkin challenge quilts!! How creative!! Can't wait to get back in there!

  6. Thanks Lori for posting my quilts! I appreciate that very much. Yes, I do love florals - always have, always will. I also enjoy civil war, Christmas and on and on.....almost anything except really contemporary. Hopefully we will meet someday! Blessings, Prudence Lay

  7. My favorite quilt is the one with the four basket blocks. The one where the handles face inwards to the center of the block. I like colors used and the variety of fabrics for the baskets.

  8. Wonderful quilts! I love the one with the sunflowers and pie! The napkin challenge quilts are always great. Love the Little Red Hens!

  9. What a delightful visit, I did enjoy looking at the challenges, I have to admit the red flower bird stole my heart so so cute. Thanks for sharing your photos Cheers Glenda Australia

  10. THe little red hen is so darling. She made me grin. Thanks for sharing the show.

  11. Great quilt show full of wonderful quilts! The napkin challenge is so fun, and such amazing quilts made!! Very talented group.

  12. Lots of wonderful quilts and some really fun ones too.


  13. I always enjoy it when you share the First Friday shows.

  14. Those are some really fun and wonderful quilts! Thanks for sharing them with us. :- )

  15. Looks like a very fun challenge idea. I need to pay more attention to napkins. : )

  16. Great quilts! I never heard of a napkin challenge before. I wouldn't want to use one of those - they are too pretty!


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