Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Workin' Wednesday!

Oh my gracious! I am not used to working full days on my feet...on cement! We are halfway through the week! Yay!!

 I'm making a little headway on the 1857 blocks. The wine goblets are supposed to have small embroidery:
I think I'll write on the quilt. It's a little small for needle and thread. 

This one was fun to do. None of the red diamonds are appliqued yet. 
 Lorraine sent these to me for my trip to Peru. Aren't they cute!? Thank you Lorraine!

I took a few more photos the other day, but never added them to my blog post. If you are a guest at my house, these quilts will greet you in the guest bedroom.

Thank you all for your kind comments. We went out for a simple dinner (after work!) of Mexican food.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Your guest room quilts are wonderful!

  2. My favorite guest room quilt is the one with the big variety of blocks. I can't think of which pattern that was from.

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! And, I want to come and stay in that room!

  4. I want to be your guest once in my life to admire these beautiful quilts ! Ah ! Ah !
    No I'm kidding but your quilts are gorgeous your appliqué blocks !

  5. Love your guest room! Good thing you went out for supper after being on your feet all day. That is definitely hard.

  6. Being on your feet on concrete is so hard on your feet, legs and back! I lived with that in our home for about 25 year!
    Those grapes look tricky for machine applique. Good job.
    Lucky guests at your house--what a wonderful feast for the eyes! When did you make Nearly Insane? Love it! I got the book last Fall and keep telling myself I need to start it so it might get finished before I die!

  7. I love your 1857 colors. Mostly red and green with little peeps of cheddar and purple which add so much life to it without breaking down the discipline of your color scheme.

  8. Love seeing those amazing quilts! I hope your guests feel honored.:)

  9. AhAhAh! I would like to spend one or more night in your guest bedroom! Your quilts are amazing!
    I'm way behind with my projects, I hope to do some sewing next week ;-)
    Greetings, Rina!

  10. Love seeing your quilts on display.

  11. Always love seeing the quilts you have on display in your house! Who wouldn't feel welcome!!

  12. great mini quilt show today.
    temperance... not for me ha ha


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