Monday, October 31, 2016

Basket Sampler

Here's the basket quilt I wanted to get done before leaving for Houston. The blocks are 7", which made for some strategic cutting!!

 In progress. 
 Most of the fabric was from Diamond Textiles.  This photo isn't very good, but this one reminded me of a lovely linen.
Fabric close ups. 

The woman may add a border, but she will make up her mind about that when she receives the quilt. I think a border with some applique would be nice.

Have a great week!

Friday will be a linky party to add your Quilters Madder.  If you don't have a blog please send me a photo and I'll try and add it- be patient, I'll be in Houston until Sunday the 6th. 


  1. Ooh, I covet the fabrics in the basket quilt. Have fun in Houston!

  2. Woohoo! It is beautiful! Have a great time in Houston!

  3. The basket quit is just fabulous ♥

  4. Great variety of baskets, fun.

  5. Don't know that I have ever seen 7" blocks before. Interesting. I do like the earthy, muted shades of fabric. Seems to work well with the baskets.

  6. Beautiful basket quilt! I love the earthly colors!
    My Quilters Madder is almost to be a flimsy, but I'm not sure it will be ready for Friday linky party.
    Have fun in Houston, my son and DIL are thinking to come to see the show.

  7. So cute!! I always love baskets!
    I think an applique-border will look great.
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  8. Lori me encantan las cestas siempre!
    las telas muy bonitas
    pasalo bien en Houston

  9. I love this drab and prim Basket! The fabrics are wonderful, so different, reminds me of the Japanese taupes. For a border I d stay simple, a narrow dark, then wider light shade w a bit of pattern. Go for texture in the quilting. My mind is a bit boggled by 7" 16 patch blocks, wonder what your measurement was--- each square finishing?? 1 3/4"?

  10. Wish more shops carried those lovely Diamond Textiles. Your basket quilt is perfectly prim. Hope you're having a great time at festival.

  11. That is a wonderful quilt and I do have a collection of that fabric, maybe I need to do my basket pattern with them, would really make it more durable too.


  12. These baskets are really charming! Hope to see you in Houston!


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