Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scallops, Dresses and More on a Wednesday!

 Here was my inspiration quilt for my final border. Big bold red scallops!

 I really had no idea how to do them, so I cut a strip  the same length as one side, then cut a piece of freezer paper and then hand cut the scallops,
I got an idea of how it would look before cutting up the red fabric.
It was all a bit of trial and error, but overall it worked out pretty good. If I was going for perfection, probably not the way to do it.
I did all 4 borders that same way. I mentioned earlier that after this hung on my design wall for a day or two I knew I'd have to fix the corners.

After ripping out part of the seam I lined up my ruler, marked it and cut....
Then added a plain gray fabric. 
Much better!
I got another teeny adorable hand sewn block from Roxanne. Thank you!!
And my final batch of dresses for Peru from Juliann. Thank you so much!! I got my itinerary today too! 
Whoop! Whoop!

My daughter spent a day with us and we all went out to see my mom's headstone and she wanted to stop by the alpaca farm on our way home. I thought this photo was so cute of my son and daughter. We also celebrated both of their birthdays while we were together. My son and his girlfriend will be traveling to Vietnam next, but we are enjoying their company for now.

No, I did not buy the alpaca hat for her birthday!! LOL

Friday I'll be sharing step 2 of Quilters Madder. 
I hope you are having a great week!


  1. Love the scallops. You did a great job. You have a beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing. I still enjoy reading your blog so much.

  2. Thanks for sharing your technique! I love the way it turned out. Love the antique inspiration as well! Your daughter looks adorable in that hat!

  3. I like the way you fixed the scallops. The alpaca farm looks like fun. We have one near us that I have been wanting to visit but I'm not sure they have a store there or what. I need to check that out. I haven't done anything with the SAL yet - I'm kind of snowed right now but I want to do it.

  4. Thank you for sharing your method ! Your scallops are a success and the antique quilt is awesome !
    Enjoy your time with your family....Rene looks so cute with this ushanka !!

  5. I love your medallion quilt top! It looks gorgeous!!!

  6. But your daughter looks adorable in alpaca--how could you not? : )
    That teeny block is fantastic!
    I wondered how you had made those scallops. Very smart of you.

  7. I really, really, really like your scallops...great idea!

  8. I can't believe you didn't buy the hat for her...she is adorable! love seeing happy kids and your inspiration border is an inspiration to me!

  9. You work the same way I do Lori, and I love it! Your scallops turned out really great with your medallion quilt!

  10. How great to see different fabrics in the scallops--helps me get out of my "must all match" thoughts. I love primitive designs and am enjoying your blog very much.

  11. What a perfect border for your quilt! It makes the whole quilt look so fun. Love it!

  12. Thank you for the detailed explanation of your scallops. I love the inspiration quilt too. Do you applique raw edge with a zigzag stitxh? Use fusible?

  13. Love your quilt ~ thank you for sharing your progress. It's always great to have photos of one's kids together. Our daughter travels lots, so it's rare to have our 2 children in a photo together.

  14. I wouldn't have any idea how to do those scallops either--love how you did it and how it turned out!

  15. Hey! I took that picture of the antique quilt. That quilt is owned by the Glenbow museum here in Calgary. I remember it well because of the blue color - my friend Darlene called it the lobster claw quilt :0) I posted about it October 6/2010 - there are a couple more pictures of the quilt in that post. Your scallops are wonderful - I think your adjustment of them works very well! Very cool to have your son and daughter home together!

  16. great border Lori
    cute dresses too!

  17. I do like the re-do of the scallop border but the original version was quirky and probably would be discussed a 100 years from now in some quilt group as an original thinker having made the quilt.

  18. I love your rendition of your Gwennie quilt. Its absolutely fabulous,and I would love it on my wall. I also got stuck, not just with time, but the childhood round. Mine was loving but very boring...the 4 of us were never taken anywhere, and had to amuse ourselves in our own back yard. :-)

  19. Terrific finished top, Lori! Thank you for sharing your process! The scallops sure bring everything together. Fun family time with the alpacas!

  20. Aren't you the BRAVE one to do scallops for the border!! VERY impressive. And I love the picture of Kenny and Renee. They are beautiful young adults, Lori! You are rightfully very proud!


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