Monday, October 10, 2016

Simple Monday Post

This is what I've been working on- not quilting at this point!
I am using cherrywood in a variety of blues.. What it needs now is buttons. 

It feels very large even though it is a medium. It is supposed to be a bit of a boy fit, so that must be why it feels large. I need to have it completed before I head off to Houston on the 30th. 
Any suggestions about buttons?
I'm super thrilled to have gotten passed this vest  mess! LOL

We had an amazing weekend out camping and although I still want to add some hand quilting stitches I added my binding and label. I can hardly work on it now because it smells like camp fire. Whew!

I'm seeing some wonderful part 1 and part 2 of Quilters Madder on Facebook! Keep up the good work! Friday is Part 3.


  1. What pattern did you use? I love the understated mix of fabrics - and to that end, I would try simple navy buttons for the front (or a blue equivalent to the fabric onto which they'll be sewn) and smaller versions of that same button (or in the same vein) for the back tabs.

  2. My first thought for buttons was something that looks like the button closure at the top of the zipper on a pair of jeans. That was probably because the fabric looks like denim in the photo, and then you mentioned the "boy fit", so jeans just came to mind. But a simple blue button would look great. : )
    I need to get going on Part 2, so I don't fall behind.

  3. I would use a variety of vintage style buttons.

  4. Does it really need buttons??
    And if so, perhaps just one at the top?
    It looks great!
    Best wishes!

    1. I like it and I agree with one at the top -- the vest looks like one that should drape loosely without a lot of fuss and just a bit of closure. :)

  5. Great vest! I will be at Festival on Thursday and Friday. I will keep my eyes out for you!

  6. I think the perfect button for the vest, especially since you will wear it to the Houston show, would be a metal button with a star on it. I happen to have one (only one) and will send you a picture of it. I think you would need a few buttons on the front and maybe 2 on the back strap.

  7. Smells like campfire :0) I'm glad your vest is turning out and think of all the fun you will have wearing it! I look forward to seeing your reveal of your Madder quilt!

  8. Ahh, that campfire smell! Funny how it is so wonderful when you're out in nature, but not so much when you get back home! Glad your Houston vest is almost done. Simple blue buttons maybe?

  9. Cherrywood is new to me, it's lovely. And your vest looks good. Did you do the color blocking or the pattern came that way?
    I d probably use vintage mother of pearl buttons from my collection, but I think a simple medium sized navy or grey sewthru would be nice and modern-looking too.
    Wear it with a jeans skirt and a black long sleeve tee shirt, the loose fit wil look great.

  10. Nicely done!! Buttons add a fun dimension. The armholes look big, that could make it feel big. Congratulations it is a good looking vest!

    I'm printing out your patterns, but we are getting ready to refinish our wood floors, everything is getting packed! Enjoying all the madder colors!!

  11. Love the shades of blues! Very pretty ♥

  12. I love Cherrywood fabrics. I like them for applique background (have the look of flannel but more structure to them). I would go with gold or silver buttons.

  13. I am drawn to Cherrywood fabrics. Have not ever invested in them but they have such nice colors and I like the sueded look.


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