Saturday, November 12, 2016

Quilters Madder- Fabric Winner

If you added your link or sent me your photo to add your Quilters madder quilt you were in the drawing for this stack of madders from my stash. 

Lynn from 
Klein Meisje Quilts is the winner!!

Thank you to all who sewed along! I feel like it was a great success!

Have a wonderful weekend. I leave early Monday until the following Monday late, so if you have questions about anything I may not be answering right away. Love to you all!

My Instagram feed at a glance.


  1. I am so happy to receive these fabrics, Now I can actually make a madder quilt!.

  2. Have a safe trip, Lori!
    And... congratulations to Lynn!

  3. Congrats Lynn.. enjoy Lori's yummy selection of madders!!
    Safe & Happy travels Lori.. look forward to hearing all about it :))

  4. Thanks for doing the SAL! I just have to hand sew the binding to the back!!

  5. It was a great success Lori and thank you once again for organising it. :-)


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