Friday, November 25, 2016

Visions of Peru- Photo Heavy

I wanted to share some photos with you, so in no particular order, here are a few of my favorites.

 My first time ever at any kind of ancient ruins! It was amazing!
 Got eggs?
 I want the one in the middle!
 This little girl was precious. Her school uniform was stitched and tattered but she had the cute little necklace to balance that out!
 Beautiful cathedral in Trujillo Town Square.
 Part of the village we did the water well project! Peru is so dry and sandy. 
The week leads up to a two night festival. Mike Silva gives a powerful  message about God's love for us.

The verse that saw me through this week

Isaiah 58:10if you give food to the hungry and satisfy those who are in need, then the darkness around you will turn to the brightness of noon.

Thank you again for being a part of this ministry! Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday we will share our Porch quilt. Send me a photo or get a blog post ready! One more section and we will be done!


  1. What wonderful pics. LOVE the verse!thx for sharing and happy you had this experience.

  2. So glad to be able to share this experience with you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the Bible verse. It will be underlined in my Bible and shared with our teams going to Haiti next year. Love seeing all your pics, and the great water project. We don't realize how important water is to us and good healthy living.

  4. It was so great to finally do this with you! Blessings mi amiga!

  5. Wonderful, beautiful pictures. What a fabulous experience you had and it's obvious that all the children were filled with love and appreciation. Thanks for posting them!

  6. Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing your trip with us. The finasl night festival is impressive! Rock concert crowd for your message of love.

    I'm busy with my etsy shop and Christmas gifts,have not touched Porch 2 since last show and tell. Maybe I'll get the wheel done or I ll catch up---in January? [sorry].


  7. Fantastic photos Lori, so nice to see what you have been doing and achieving. Love seeing the children so innocent but looking happy. God bless you.

  8. Loved seeing the trip and the work you were doing.
    Great scripture!

  9. What wonderful photos of your experience and wonderful to share with us.


  10. A colorful place. Thank you for sharing, Lori

  11. Great pictures, you must have some wonderful memories. Love the pictures of some of the older faces, they have so many stories etched into them. The young innocent faces will soon tell some of those tales. Thanks.

  12. Experiences like this change us forever, thanks for giving us a glimpse of your special moments.

  13. Wonderful pictures! And wonderful that you give of yourself!

  14. Will you go on another mission trip and if so, where to?

  15. Lori, you have one of the most beautiful benevolent spirits of anyone I have ever met!


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