Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wool Applique and Black Friday

 Here is a simple wool applique designed by Maggie Bonamomi that I worked on while traveling.  In her book it is a pillow, but I think I'll back it and make it a little wall hanging.

And, although it is tough to come back from a 3rd world country right before black Friday I did see an add that caught my eye,
 My old iron on the left does not get very hot these days so I picked up the t-Fal for a real bargain from Macy's.
I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I like the point and the weight. Any thoughts?

Have a wonderful day, my friends. 


  1. I had a T-Fal once and really liked it for the reasons you mention. I generally go for cheap as the more expensive irons don't last any longer for me -- probably because I don't follow all the rules about cooling down before filling, etc.

  2. You have to be a real quilter to get excited about a new iron on Black Friday! LOL. The only shop I went to that day was my LQS for $1 FQs. :)

  3. I avoid the shops on Black Friday!
    I've never had a T-Fal iron. I usually buy cheap, as well, because I am cheap. : )

  4. I have had a T-Fal for several years now and like it just fine. The expensive irons look oh so tempting at times but I would rather spend money on fabric or patterns.

  5. I really like your wool applique, especially the blues you've used. Blue is such a calm color. Sorry I cannot help on the iron. I had a Rowenta I bought about 20 years ago that weathered multiple crashes to the floor. It recently blew up (almost literally!) and I switched to another new Rowenta that had been gifted to me a couple of years ago. The new iron, while fancy, isn't as nice as the one that went boom but hopefully it will last as long and not blow my circuit. There is always a getting acquainted period with new equipment. At least there is for me.

  6. Love your Maggie piece, a wall hanging would be a perfect finish.

    I have several irons but my go to one is the little Rowenta travel iron, love it! Had to replace it after serval falls off the ironing board, still worked but the handle kep collapsing so I goth another. But if I'm doing bigger things I go to one of my larger irons. I have a Proctor Silas I love, along with a cordless Panasonic and a Rowenta full size that I got all three on sale!

  7. Love your wool block! I have a T-Fal, but not that model.. I like it, except have to be careful- it gets really hot and scorches fabric if I am not careful! Loved seeing all of you Peru pictures. Glad you had a good experience and made it home safely.

  8. Let me know how you like that iron. I am not excited about the one I have right now.

  9. Your Maggie applique is lovely! If I got a new iron I d like a cordless...and NO auto shut off, the one I have now is always off and cold when i get up from the sewing machine, so annoying. Before my current iron I had an old Black and Decker that was great, it fell on the tile kitchen floor a few too many times tho and died.

  10. nice iron - my recommendation is never put water in it! I use a spray bottle.

    1. What iron do you recommend? I may have to replace mine sometime soon.

  11. I have a T-Fal iron and really like it. It gets hot and has fantastic steam!
    Tina from Pendleton

  12. Your wool applique looks fabulous! Love the silhouette look!

  13. T-Fal is very French famous mark and it's written Tefal in our country ! :)
    I hope you will be glad to use it..
    Love your wool block appliqué !

  14. I had a T-Fal , and like Cecile wrote its written Tefal in Italy, too.
    It works better without water, I found that if some residue of water remain inside, next time I used it water with calcium splited out.
    Your wool appliqué is so nice, it will be wonderful as a wall hanging.


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