Monday, December 19, 2016

This, That and a Winner

I started the quilting of Windmill for mom and baby this weekend. I only have the outside border to quilt. My plan was to have it all quilted this weekend, but hubby had an errand so we braved the crowds and went to Bend for lunch and a giftcard.  That pretty much shoots the whole day.

We got the finale directions of the wool applique mystery which you can read about HERE and HERE if you'd like. I have to add the wavy borders and a hanging sleeve and it will be complete.

And the winner of the IQF pile of goodies was commenter #173  Profile name Quilter! Congratulations! Thankfully she left an email address and she has been contacted.

There were many of you that have no email in your profile and I left a comment telling you that. A few of you have fixed it, but most have not. Take a look at your comment and see if I left you a message. You can jump back HERE.

Thank you for your comments and kind words! I appreciate you all so much. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the holiday season and to reflect and be grateful. Love to you!


  1. Oh my, that wool quilt is stunning! I love it. Just in time for the holidays!

  2. How great that your were able to finish that wool quilt - what a wild ride!

  3. What a beautiful woolie piece you are working on! Congratulations to the QUILTER!!!

  4. I just finished quilting the baby quilt I am doing, and now on to the binding. It needs to be in the mail by tomorrow morning, and I am SUCH a slow binder!! Good luck with yours! Hope hubby has no more day long errands for you. : )
    Love the wool piece. Gorgeous!

  5. Wow, that wool quilt look so beautiful. You did such a great job!!! The perfect way to keep you warm this holidays:)

  6. The wool finale is interesting. I wouldn't have had the heart to complete it after all the ruckus with FB etc. Good job. [Bunny is adorable.]

    I love the idea of a larger mommy and baby quilt and yours is so happy and cheerful.


  7. This wool quilt is simply stunning !
    Congrats to the winner !

  8. the wool mystery is darling!! I didn't even know about it (probably that's better, anyway!).
    Love your little pinwheels.
    Are we going to be able to meet up ?? Willing to come back to Bend??

  9. What a gorgeous wool project - glad that had a happy ending! Sometimes a day to just relax is good too - a lunch date sounds just right :0)

  10. Your wool applique piece is wonderful--love it!

  11. Nice wool piece. Rebekah certainly has a defined style for her designs.


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