Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tis the Season

It has been a tradition that my son and I attend the Scandinavian Festival in Portland every December. This year he is traveling and in Thailand. But my husband had the day off and he said he'd celebrate my heritage with me. I love this Swedish dress pocket. That design looks like something we would see now although this is vintage. It was so wonderful and vibrant. (and a little humble too!)

 Hubby wasn't thrilled but he did it anyway!
 Waiting in line to get in we were greeted by lovely Christmas music.
 I don't remember seeing them weaving and spinning in the past. 

 The dancing is always a favorite. It is great they are keeping tradition alive with the younger generation.
There are vendors and my favorites have vintage Scandinavian items like this child's bonnet. The sewing is far from perfect, but it is so precious! (like some of our quilts!)

 I love European towels, especially with red stripes and cross stitch! Too bad they aren't my initials. The woman selling them did not have any children to pass her heritage to, so she was selling them. I could not pass them up.
I was reading about this soap for linen stains, so I'm going to try it. The Swedish towels are in great shape, but I have some other linens I'd love to spot clean.
Near where we parked was an estate/antique store so we dropped by for a quick look-around
I can't say I've ever seen rolly-polly babies like this on a quilt. I thought they were pretty silly.

I thought this was a gorgeous Victorian era pin cushion. It doesn't look like any pin cushion in my sewing room, that's for sure!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends.


  1. This was fun. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Love the pincushion. At first glance, I thought it was a broach. Just lovely! ;^)

  2. I use FelsNaptha for all of my stained wash. I fill a spray bottle with water. Wet the stain and rub the bar over that area. I don't usually wash right away- just throw the item back in the laundry basket. It even removes stains that I thought were set from the dryer. Much cheaper and works better than the spray stain removers.

  3. Seems like I remember seeing the roly poly baby design some time in the past. Love the shape.

  4. Thanks for the tour. Cory looks good in head gear!

  5. Hubby was a good sport, Love the photo of the two of you.
    I'm glad you bought the towels--they will have a home where they are appreciated. At least we can say that the towel initials are the beginning and ending of your last name. : )
    I was introduced to Fels Naptha when my babies were little, as a way of getting the 'spit-up" stains off of the necklines of bibs and baby clothes. Have continued to use it on stains ever since. Great stuff!
    Oh, those roly-poly babies make me laugh.
    That is a pretty fancy-schmancy pincushion!

  6. My mother used Fels-Naptha just like Material Girl described. Reminds me I should give it a try!
    Loved seeing pictures from the Scandinavian Festival! My favorite is the child's bonnet.

  7. Lori que bonito
    siempre soñé con tener una Rueca

  8. My Grandpa came from Sweden when he was 3 years old, but sadly I know nothing about my heritage - what a fun event you attended!

  9. I love the roly poly babies!!! They are so happy.........Call me crazy! Or silly........but I love them!

  10. I love ''seeing'' the Scandinavian Festival each year with you! How nice of your husband to go with, and wear the Viking helmet too.

    The linens are a great find. I have many inherited linens [my family on one side is French and Swiss] that are initialed and those initials are not mine now. It doesn't matter.

    Linen is very strong, stronger than cotton, and washes well if handled relatively carefully. I spre clean mine with Clorox 2 dabbed on any major spots, then machine wash on gentle, warm, with extra rinse. All or Tide Free is fine, or Woolite. No fabric softener. Fluff out the wrinkles in the dryer for only a couple minutes. [be careful!] then hang over shower rail, over white towels, to dry. Smooth them out and they hardly need ironing, unless you want a lot of starch. If I m going to starch them, I store damp in a baggie in the fridge til I m ready to iron. A day or two is ok.
    I use the family linens, they ve been used now for 125+ years! Still mint condition, even the handmade lace edges and inserts, and embroideries.

    Just my personal method, I know other people launder differently. This is how I was taught.

    If you spot clean, be sure to rinse very well.
    PS If any of the linens have red or dark blue embroidery, test with a damp paper towel for bleeding. And/or wash using Color Catchers.

  11. Looks like a fun outing. And I love the roly poly babies quilt, I can see the vintage fabrics used, wow.

  12. Your DH is such a good sport!
    Love the beaded pin cushion!

  13. Glad you got to attend the festival and bring those towel home. It's a wonderful tradition.

  14. He's a good sport! Looks like lots of fun - good luck with the linens.

  15. What a fun festival and beautiful textiles.


  16. Fun Tradition. Hubby's can play along. Nice to help a lady out, keeping the linens in use. I think homemade laundry soap uses grated up Fels Naptha.

  17. Looks like a fun tradition and glad your hubby survived. I'm curious about the food, do they serve traditional dishes at the festival?

  18. fun! Jill used to have the best Danish/Swedish fair near her. Fels Naptha is great!


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