Friday, February 10, 2017

Something to Crow About!

Did you know 2017  was the Year of Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac? My brother lives in China and my SIL is Chinese, so I guess it is good for me to know these things.
 Look what came in the mail this week? Nope, not fried rice!
 A cute challenge by Two Thimbles Quilt shop! It's 2017 Year of the Rooster Challenge. I'm terrible at quilt challenges, but this one intrigued me. You have a choice of solid red fabric, or solid with gold. Get all the info HERE.  It would be fun to show them all online if several of you decide to join. Contact LEE and she'll fix you right up!

Rebecca finished her Front Porch quilt! I love everything about it! Nice work Rebecca! And thanks for sharing it.
Here's my Instagram for the week. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Rebecca's quilt is very pretty. The year of the Rooster Challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I will probably join in on that. Roosters are such great decorating images :)

  2. Omg..when i read the title it came up with the word something split into my lori!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Lori - we think it will be fun to see how varied the interpretations will be - lots of creative opportunity is a good thing!

  4. My brother lives in China too. He informed me that this is "my year" because I was born in a year of the rooster. I thought maybe it could be my year to eat as much chocolate as I wanted or my year to sleep in every morning but no - only my year to wear red for good fortune - lol! Thanks for telling us about the challenge - I'm going to check it out.

  5. The top of Rebecca is gorgeous ! Congrats to her !
    Have fun with your challenge :))

  6. Love Rebecca's Front Porch quilt!! The birds and flowers that she's added to the baskets and on a branch add so much -- Congratulations on a great finish! Have to go check out the roosters now...

  7. I'm looking forward to watching your progress in this fun challenge. I'm going to pass as I am already in a Ruby Red 40th anniversary challenge and I do have to set some limits. Thanks for sharing Rebecca's quilt. It is lovely.

  8. That sounds like a very interesting challenge! It will be fun to see what you create.

  9. What a fun challenge! Very clever packaging.
    I love Rebecca's quilt. All of those plaids call to me!
    Lots of fun, interesting, and intriguing things on your feed.

  10. Sounds like fun. I will check it out. Rebecca's quilt is wonderful. Very happy. Thank you for sharing.

  11. YOu had my mouth watering at the sight of that chinese food container!!! ;-))

  12. I just finished a year of the rooster quilt - darn!! - I still may play.
    I got the stamps and they're great.


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