Wednesday, March 8, 2017

First Friday

Last week was first Friday at Quiltworks. The group exhibit was New York Beauty quilts. There were quite a variety!

Not my style, but my favorite of this exhibit.

 Deb Wilkinson was the featured artist with a few quilts, but mostly wearables! Very unique!!

We are all set to be a part of the group exhibit in May with our Gwennie Inspired Medallion quilts. I'm very excited!

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Wow! Those New York Beauty quilts are beauties indeed. The one you tagged as your favorite is also mine. Not something I would ever tackle but admire very much. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  2. Wow! What a great collection of creative art quilts. Beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy today.

  3. I like the Brave's quilt. Maybe because of the patriotic quilt. I have never completed a New York Beauty quilt. Made a few blocks at one time and gave them to a friend.

  4. I never realized how versatile a New York Beauty could be! Thanks for sharing! They are all beautiful in their own rights. LOVE!

  5. Wow, nice! Thanks for posting the pics!

  6. Such a variety from that one block style. New York Beauty has always intrigued me. Sometimes I tell myself I will make one someday. Other times I just laugh--though I will admit that I have saved a pattern for a foundation pieced mini NYB block. : )
    Looking forward to your Gwennie display!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful quilt pics. What amazing blocks. I'm off to find out more about them.


  8. What incredible pieces. Your very fortunate to be able attend that monthly exhibit

  9. All the quilters did a wonderful job on their NYB quilts! They all look challenging. I too like the one you said you like best. Such an interesting story about Deb Wilkinson. I like that last jacket!

  10. New York beauty quilts are not my favourites but I admit they are beautiful !
    Congratulations for your Gwennie inspired medallion quilts exhibition :)

  11. great NYB quilts - thanks Lori!


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