Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Blessings

We made it through another week! We had a long day in Portland yesterday 
but we got my son's car back home. 
I'm feeling blessed in many ways. The car getting stolen is a real pain in the rear, but nobody was hurt, our health is good and my son is still safe traveling the world for 14 months now. (he is in Hong Kong at the moment)

I've been receiving a lovely gift in the mail every month for several months now. Roxanne is going through some similar things with her mom that I went through so we have a common bond in supporting one another. 

 I found this cute little tin in my sewing room that is perfect!
For these wee blocks she has been hand piecing. 

 They will finish at 3"!
 Aren't they precious? Thank you Roxanne! I think of you and your mum often. I've actually been missing my mom lately. I think it is that she loved spring and to see the trees and flowers starting to bloom and this is her her first spring not here for us to enjoy it together. 

My son sent home a package when he was in Hawaii recently. 
Last fall when I saw this photo they posted from Vietnam I told them a little piece of fabric wouldn't take much space. They are traveling with backpacks, not suitcases, so every inch of space counts. 
  They were lightening their load and sent me this lovely piece of fabric made it Thailand, designed by 
Jim Thompson. The photo above is a paper envelope that the fabric was inside of. It is so pretty! 
 The elephants panel is linen  in indigo and looks like sashiko type stitching. I love it!
And here's my Instagram feed for this week.

Have a fantastic and thankful weekend!


  1. woo hoo love those fabrics - wowzer they are fab.
    thank goodness he got his car back.
    TGIF for sure :)

  2. I like the little 3 inch blocks very much. Would make a sweet little doll quilt. Very nice to have an on-going gift sent to you. A treasure for sure.

  3. Friends do make all the difference. Lovely that you have that bond. Love the elephant fabric. What a treasure.

  4. Those little blocks are so charming and her fabric choice and placement is wonderful. So glad to hear the car was found! All that fabric in Vietnam just makes the heart skip. Very pretty piece you received and the envelope is so lovely also. Have a great weekend!

  5. I am so impressed with the precision of Roxanne's little hand pieced blocks. My experience with hand piecing leaves me in awe of her work!
    Wow, those fabric stacks are impressive. Love the fabric he sent home for you.

  6. Love your little blocks.... sweet tokens of friendship!

  7. Such a sweet little basket block. What a great sampler collection already! Your souvenir piece of fabric is going to be a lot of fun to work with.:)

  8. Wonderful blocks and i am glad everything worked out with the car, not a fun thing to go through.
    Wouldn't it be fun if they got a piece in each place they went and you could make a quilt from it.


  9. So glad you got Kenny's car back, AGAIN!!
    Those little blocks are AMAZING!!! OMG...

    I am so sorry about your sadness over your mom's passing. How does that ever go away?? Love to you, Lori!!

  10. such lovely blocks! could you share with me how to put the instagram feed on your blog? i would love to do that? thank you

  11. Those blocks are amazing! I've been ding 3" blocks for a few months and they really are fun!

    Sorry you are feeling the loss of your mom so sharply right now. I don't know that we ever really get over that feeling that something is missing in that paticular spot in our lives. I think we just learn to soften the edges.

  12. That is so sweet of her to make you those blocks...I especially love the heart in hand block. I always ask for fabric, too, from my kiddo's travels, and yours is especially lovely!!

  13. Those tiny blocks are impressive, and hand stitched, wow! I'm so glad your son is sending home good things to his mom, you must have raised him right. (wink)
    I felt the loss of my dad at different times throughout the first few years he was gone, so I understand exactly what you are saying about your mom. I am so sorry, sending you a big hug.

  14. These blocks are amazing and the fabrics wonderful !!
    For your mother, not easy.... you have to take time for yourself and just think about good moments with her...xoxoxoxo

  15. So happy you enjoy the blocks! They have been a great pleasure to make for you.
    I was surprised to open your post and see them all, I was checking them out like everybody--LOL--I've missed having the previous blocks to help with balancing colors and pattern.
    I hope your son's car is in decent shape--I've heard it can be better if they never recover it.
    Take care

  16. These little cute blocks are precious, kind thought from your friend!
    My mom passed away fifteen years ago and I still miss her presence in my life. You are in prayers.

  17. I love your liberated baskets quilt and enjoy it every time it's posted. I think I am drawn in because it's "folky" and has character. Any chance you would know which book Gwen Marston had this pattern in it?
    I would love to make my own liberated basket quilt!


    Debbie Smith (It is the letter o in my email, not a zero)


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