Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Treasures of Life

Happy Wednesday! I didn't plan on sharing sappy stories this week but it just worked out that way.

My lovely online friend, Roxanne, made me one block a month for the past year. These little cuties will finish at 3"!! They are hand pieced with precision.
I know I have many readers that were not on the Alzheimer's journey with me. There are many who have been.
Roxanne started to send these after my mom died one year ago in July. Unfortunately Roxanne is on the Alzheimer's journey with her mom. I'm glad she can be encouraged by the things I have shared.  I was encouraged by many of you; your comments, ideas, support.

She felt funny asking for them back to assemble, but I thought it was a perfect request! 

Here were the last 2 I received. 
There are so many things I wished I would have done differently when dealing with my mom. 
One is this (from a previous post) It is hard to do, but making them happy or smile for the moment you are in is important. Yesterday is not important and neither is tomorrow.
"Without a memory of today or an understanding that the past is past, the future ceases to have meaning."

Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative was a huge part of my therapy. My feelings came out in my quilts:

If you are on this journey I encourage you to read this:


And this:
A tribute to my Mum- HERE

Thank you again, Roxanne, for your thoughtfulness. My prayers are with you as you move your momma this week.


  1. You have an incredibly thoughtful friend. It's very difficult to watch a parent's health deteriorate day by day. And difficult to lose them. I remember well my own struggle with this situation even though it was years ago.

  2. my thoughts and prayers will be with Roxanne as she and her Mom take this is not easy but every moment we can give them joy or comfort is a blessing

  3. Lori que garn amiga tienes!!
    La palabra Alzheimer como une a las personas.

  4. What delightful blocks! This will be a very special quilt!!

  5. this post choked me up....makes me triply grateful my mom is healthy and mourn for those whose mom isn't...

  6. Lori,What a wonderful example of caring for each other. I went back and read your links, and I remember following you on this journey. I, too was sad to see AAQI end as I had other ideas also.That's why I keep making quilts for our charity part of guild, and make quilts for our teams at church to take to Haiti. These are made without batting, and I gave 8 to the leader Sunday to take the end of this month. There is always something we can do to help others on the journey, whatever that is.

  7. Such a wonderful thing to do for you and so small in size. Sad that Roxanne has to go through a similar journey that you did.

  8. Neat blocks and that hand block really adds some character to the blocks--
    enjoy the moments, di

  9. Big hugs for you and Roxanne. When you're sad, reaching out to help someone else calms the storms in your life. We are all in this together. Not sappy at all. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Never fear sharing what is on your heart Lori. Most of us are "sappy" too! What a lovely story this little quilt will have to tell!

  11. That has been such a sweet gesture of Roxanne's! Love those blocks. I'm certain it means a lot to her to have someone like you who understands her journey and can offer your insight and experience.

  12. Thanks Lori! You and your friend remind us that our journey through life should never be and does not need to be traveled alone.

  13. Wonderful post Lori. I lost my Mother 3 weeks ago, however, she was as sharp on the day she died as she always had been. I have followed your blog posts since 2010 so I've been aware of the sad journey you had with your Mother. If you sharing your journey helps even one person in the same situation with a parent or loved one you should be proud. Too often in this day and age people struggle alone with these issues.

  14. Wonderful blocks. They'll make a sweet memory quilt.

  15. Roxanne is a sweetheart....and her blocks are a link between your mom (and certainly hers !) and this illness.... big hugs.

  16. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your heartfelt posts always touch me. Roxanne is a sweetheart and has made lovely blocks. What a thoughtful person!

  17. At the end of this long day of packing and preparing Mom to move my sisters and I feel lifted up by your thoughtfulness and everyone's support in the comments. It means so much. Thank you!

  18. How very thoughtful of Roxanne. And she knows she can come to you when she needs answers or reassurance. Those blocks will make a very sweet and memorable quilt.

  19. your little blocks are so cute!!


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