Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Fun!

Happy Friday Friends!!

 I received my first package of dresses for Colombia today! Thank you Delleen! They are very sweet!!

 My little apron from Ghastlies is not very flattering, but I think it's cute. I think if I use and it wash it a few times before Houston it will soften up and not accentuate my hips quite so much! LOL
 I thought the buttons looked like weird eyes so I opted to remove them. I think it would be cuter without any pockets but I do think having pockets while working Houston will be very helpful!
 I'm happy to know Elsa likes Rene's fiance! She was ready to go back to Portland with them. 
I loved this book, although it felt like it took forever for me to read. I have been exhausted and some nights could only read a paragraph!

My Instagram feed for the week. 

I got a little start on my Eclipse quilt (its going to be a little quilt) and hope to show you something on Monday. We are going camping this weekend so no sewing on my agenda.
Have a wonderful weekend! It's the last weekend in August! How is that possible??


  1. Your apron is ADORABLE. I love it!! And I don't see hips protruding anyplace... ;-)
    Have fun camping...
    Sounds like Vince passed the Doggie test... that's a good one!!
    Congrats to them both!

  2. Some very fun little dresses you received!
    Definitely need pockets! What good is an apron without pockets (other than keeping a mess off of your clothes)? :)
    Love the shot of the dog--ready to go.

  3. Your apron is so cute and you do not have to worry about your hips!

  4. I can't remember if I purchased this book somewhere along the line. I have a bunch I haven't read. Or maybe I just read a review about it. Good to know it is a worthwhile read.

  5. Crazy to be in the last days of August! And here you are getting little dresses ready once again. The world seems like it just spins faster and faster.:)


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