Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Fun!

Happy Friday!

 Here's a little quilt I finished yesterday for a swap I was asked to be in. Thanks Christine. I enjoy making these little quilts. It is a surprise as to who it is going to, so I can show it here.
I love this ombre backing. 
Here's my inspiration quilt.

I received dresses for Colombia this week!!

Thank you Kathi M, Jan H., and Barb S. I am thrilled to see my dress stack growing!!

I must pass on this sale news. I love kai scissors and will never use another brand of rotary cutter. They are having a sale! 

You can get to their website HERE

My Instagram for the week.

If you want to see how I've been spending my spare time (haha- not as much as I'd like) check out my other blog HERE. I've been building a lot of strength and feeling really good!


  1. I love your little quilt. Who ever receives it will love it. Hugs

  2. Your little quilt is definitely my color! I love It!
    Have fun this weekend!
    Hugs 🤗

  3. What a super fun the fabrics and design. Happy Friday!

  4. What a charming little doll quilt. Your handquilting stitches add so much! The dresses are sweet - sure to bring smiles and much joy :0)

  5. I love both your sweet quilt and the original. It's a great little pattern to highlight some interesting vintage fabrics. Thanks for the coupon. I'll have to check it out.

  6. cute little quilt and great dresses!!

  7. I like the ombre fabric backing too. Easy enough design to showcase your repro fabrics for the front of the quilt.

  8. In checking out the 45 mm Kai rotary cutters, I am wondering which one(s) you have tried. They look great....

    1. I have 2 of the 45mm- the gray and pink. They all work on the same concept- no on/off button but as soon as you put pressure the blade starts to cut.


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