Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Garment Making

I just put the final touches on my latest garment that I am making to wear at Houston Quilt Show. Working/volunteering in the education office we will all wear a particular fabric line on a certain day. 
This first garment is the menagerie line, pattern my Indygo Junction.

The basic a couple days ago.

Not super flattering but fun to make!

My apron with the Ghastlies line.

Last years vest (It is finished now but apparently no photo!) using cherrywood fabric, 
pattern by Indygo Junction

And the apron from last year using Eternal Sunshine fabric line.

Dressing and packing will be even easier this year!

Anybody going to Houston to see the quilt show or take classes?


  1. They look great---and the tunic is flattering. You're such a cutie pie!

  2. I wish I could go!! Aprons are cute.

  3. Everything is Cute! Wish I could make it to the show this year, but it just isn't in the budget. With it being a 4+ hr drive away, I'd have to spend at least one night down there (ok, realistically 2 to see everything) and just can't afford it. =( Maybe one of these years.

  4. I'm planning to be there and will be taking some classes too! I saw you in passing last year, maybe I'll meet you this time.

  5. Your tunic looks great! One day I hope to go to that show... :0)

  6. Hope to get sewing on my second garment, the Ghastlies, tomorrow. It's all cut out and ready to go.

  7. I like the neckline on the black top.

  8. Wonderful outfits, and beautiful sewing. I would love to make clothes, another on my to do list.


  9. yes, I live in Houston and will be there. Are you coming for market and festival?
    I am taking 1 class on October 31st.

  10. They are beautiful.Yoour tunic is pretty nice!!

  11. I like your tunic/top for this year, Lori. I think you may not think it's flattering because of how you had to stand to get the photo. I can imagine it giving a slimming line when you're standing and walking in a natural way. I always struggle with fabric for clothes. I see quilts in the fabric and imagine walking around looking like a quilt. Ha ha. (That's definitely not so for this fabric.)

  12. I love your clothes you've sewed!


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