Friday, October 13, 2017

Frivolous Friday Fun!

Wow! It is Friday already!! These adorable dresses arrived from Martha this week. Her sister donated some fabric to her and she made all of these for my trip to Colombia- 17 in all!! Thank you Martha! I can imagine the girls faces lighting up when they realize one of them will be for them!!

The one of the left really blends in with my maple tree. The dress and the tree are amazing!!

Before moving on with some piecing I needed to pick up my sewing room. You know how that goes!

I found this pillowcase waiting to be turned into a dress, so instead of procrastinating, I completed it.

Then I found this little kit to make two produce bags with cotton and mosquito netting. So, I figured it had "stewed" long enough!! I couldn't understand the pattern so I made it my way and thought I'd show you. It was super simple! You could use any other webbing/mesh.  I really despise the grocery store plastic bags. Why use 1 bag to put a box of cereal in? And when I've had to use them all my groceries fall out before I get home anyway. Now I can eliminate some plastic produce bags as well.
You can use whatever size you want. I'll tell you what the kit had in it. 

With right sides together sew a 12" x22 " piece of netting/mesh to a 4"x22" piece of cotton. (this will be the bottom) Don't iron it because it may melt. (ask me how I know?)

For the top you will use a 2 1/2"x 22" strip. Fold in 1/4" on one long side then fold over again to make a casing for whatever you will use for your string. Mine was a heavy cotton ribbon about 3/8" wide.

Fold your bag over, right sides together, and sew the bottom and side, but don't close in your casing.

 Leave it open like this. Be sure to back stitch so it stays sewn.
These were in my kit and they are great! 

Ta-da! Done!

Here's another pattern I really want to make. I'm thinking about using the red and black fabric. I may start on that this weekend.
Here's my Instagram for this week. 

A quilt show is on tap for me this weekend!! Whoop! Whoop!

Love to you all!


  1. All of the dresses are just adorable! I really love the cross body bag and your fabric choices (in my world, you can't go wrong with red and black). Super cute bag - hope you show it when you get it finished.

  2. Sweet dresses. And the produce bags are adorable.

  3. What darling dresses! I have several grocery bags I have made...yours look soooooo much better!!

  4. What darling dresses. I will be sending some dresses asap. Cute little bag. You should enter it in the Bag It event at Elm Street Quilts Blog :)

  5. Good that the dresses were in different sizes. Will make many little girls happy.

  6. Lori vestidos muy alegres para las niñas,
    tu bolsa es practica, siempre llevo mi bolsa de tela al supermercado
    ¡¡odio los plásticos!!

  7. The dresses wil be so pretty on some sweet little girls :0) Those bags look great and I love that red fabric you've chosen for your next bag project.

  8. I haven’t made a bag but do have that cute Pink Chalk pattern—maybe someday. Love the fabrics!

  9. What an adorable collection of dresses! Those will make many little girls happy. :)
    I have about 20 cloth shopping bags, but I had never considered an alternative to the plastic produce bags. Very clever!
    Love that red print for the Mail Sack--the black print will be a nice compliment to it.

  10. You're welcome, Lori! It was so fun thinking up fabric combinations for the dresses, and I love thinking about the little girls who will be wearing them. Also, I'm excited to make some of those cool produce bags because pretty sure I have some leftover netting -- thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Sweet dresses! But I always remember how you said it was so hard to lug them around on your travels! The produce bags are great, esp the gnome fabric! And I love the shoulder bag, with your fabric choices, very nice! A possibly ''of course, I know that" hint: when I must use plastic bags I save them for doggie pickup, always have a couple in my pockets. And trash basket liners.....

  12. Those dresses are adorable and pretty as well as fun, something to fit different tastes.
    I want to make my own bags too, I do have one of the bags that I won to learn from.


  13. The little dresses are amazing, thanks to Martha and her sister lots of little Colombian girls will have the prettiest dress ever. I have always used elastic in the ones I made but I like your idea of ribbon.

  14. Those dresses are all so adorable! Our church group made these types of dresses once for a humanitarian trip to somewhere in South America. We had so much fun, and they always turned out so cute. Enjoy your quilt show this weekend!

  15. What a productive Friday you put me to shame....I babysat 4 year old grandson all day yesterday....even with my broken leg that was all I got done! Those dresses are adorable...and I can only imagine how happy little girls all over the world will be to have one. I pray only manifold blessings on you. I also LOVE the fabric you chose for the mail sac cross-body bag....I'm headed out into cyberspace now to locate the pattern! Thank you for a wonderful post.

  16. I have a dress for you but need your address. I have searched but can't find it.
    Thank you

  17. I love the red and black fabric and the pattern! All those dresses are precious. Thanks for the directions for the grocery bag. Hugs,

  18. WOW! Look at all those dresses.
    the red/black fabric looks like a toile... It'll make something wonderful.
    Have a great weekend. Stay warm.
    I saw that it snowed in Sunriver already! BRRRR

  19. Wow! Look at those cute dresses! Have a great time at the show. My guilds show is next weekend.

  20. So it's possible to make one of these dresses from a finished pillowcase? Where does the cuff of the pillowcase end up, as the hem or in support of the shoulder straps?

  21. Darling dresses! I think I have some netting that I could use to make veggie bags. Good idea! Also love your black and red fabric for the other bag.


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