Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More Block Fun

A blog reader, Janny from the Netherlands, reached out to me last week and asked about the quilt in this photo. 

I made this block/quilt in a string class with Gwen Marston. As all things Gwen she encouraged us to come up with something unique. The block is a Rocky Road to Kansas, but I made my own pattern. 
Here's a closer look. 

I sent this to Janny and encouraged her to do the same. I didn't have Electric Quilt when I made my block, but graph paper works just as well. 

I was thrilled when she sent me a photo of her first block. 

Sometimes it is good to do your own thing!
Here's a little project I'm working on this week, unfortunately I burned it!! Aargh! It was only 1 block, so I'll start over and coffee dye the burned piece to disguise it. 

The book sale was a resounding success! All the books are in the mail!! Thank you for your support and the extra $ that was donated for my trip. 

Have a great week!


  1. It is a great quilt. Looks to me like you used crumbs on some parts of it, not just strings. Is that right? Great idea!
    I cannot see the burned spot in the photo.
    Glad your sale was a success!!

  2. The first block of Janni is a success !
    And your quilt is gorgeous ! Good way to use our scraps !

  3. Wonderful eye candy! Thanks for the pattern! :)

  4. I really like string quilts. Bet you could repair that burned/scorched portion which I can't see, with the hydrogen peroxide trick...

  5. What fun! I love this block. And good for you for saving a scorched block!

  6. Scrappy quilts are so beautiful. I love this!

  7. You inspire many people with the things you make and share on your blog.

  8. I agree with Karen, you inspire so many people and me, too. It’s a great idea to use scraps and the pattern is so easy.

  9. That is one way to make a string quilt that I have yet to try. I've always wanted to. Guess I need to move it up the list. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Yay for working out the pattern for yourself. They way all quilt making using to be.
    good job on the book sale!

  11. Such a fun quilt. Is this drawing from EQ? Are you upgrading to 8? I bought 7, never used it, so I upgraded to 8 and signed up for ongoing workshops by Kari at On Point.

  12. What a fun scrap quilt and congrats on a successful book sale!


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