Monday, December 18, 2017

Totality Monday!

My little quilt to commemorate the Total eclipse of the sun is complete!

 I put the last stitches in last night, and although I took a few photos I wanted to wait for it to get light outside to take a few more this morning.
 I finished the hand quilting on our flight back from Hawaii. I had not touched it the whole week and had a goal to finish it before arriving home. 
 Last nights photos.

 Even though the quilt is only 21" square, I pieced the backing- I'm all about using what I have. I love this fabric! If you want to see more about the assembly check it out HERE and to read about my eclipse experience click HERE and my eclipse block inspiration click HERE.
Lizzy asked me if I made any purchases at the Scandinavian Festival and I said no, but I did! I'm always on the lookout for vintage linens at prices I can afford. I found 2 napkins and one embroidered towel. Any thoughts on what those letters may be? C R? 

Have a lovely Monday! If I'm your facebook friend I've been sharing photos of my trip to Hawaii. I had an amazing time. I really love the warm weather. We got to meet my Nikki's (my sons girlfriend) parents. She fixed us a picnic lunch and it was a beautiful day inn upcountry Maui.

Love to you all today.


  1. I love the Eclipse quilt! Your handquilting is beautiful, I love the texture it adds. Lovely backing too.

    Good linens finds! I'd guess CR also but those old German letters are kind of obscure. Could be a G?

    Maui in december--delightful! Was it warm?


  2. I love your little quilt. The eclipse created quite a stir in our little town!

  3. Your eclipse quilt is wonderful! I love your handquilting. What a great way to remember your eclipse experience. I'm glad you had a good trip to Hawaii. - we're going in January and I can't wait!

  4. Looks wonderful, Lori!
    A hint about getting good texture shots that don't require any special time of day is to side light the item!

  5. I love your Total Eclipse quilt. And the hand stitching is lovely. I like to do hand quilting on small projects too.

  6. Your Total Eclipse quilt is gorgeous. So unique. Those initials appear to be "CR' to me, on the napkins. Great find.

  7. It's totally wonderful - see what I did there. But seriously I'm blinded by your creativity.

  8. Love the Eclipse quilt. Great remembrance.

  9. Your little eclipse quilt came out great. I love the back, and I couldn't even tell that you pieced it (although I do that all the time). the hand quilting is great as well.
    Nice memory!

  10. The eclipse quilt is lovely--great job!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. Oh my...your quilt is awesome !! Great quilting too ! And I love a lot the backing fabric !
    A big success !
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family !

  12. This turned out wonderfully! I know I couldn't ever make such amazing points - yours are just perfect!! Excellent job!!!!

  13. Could it possibly be a stylized C-A-R-L?

  14. Your eclipse block makes me smile. What a great memory quilt for that wonderful experience!
    Hard to tell that the back is pieced.

  15. That's the perfect quilt to commemorate the eclipse. I love the backing fabric too! I hope you are adjusting to real life again after being in Hawaii. I know it was amazing, loved your photos.

  16. What a fantastic commemoration quilt! So many good memories for you.:)


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