Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Drum Roll..........Pillowcase Dresses

I asked my friends to come and help me organize the pillow case dresses that were made for my mission trip to Colombia next month. I feed them a light lunch and they help me! I think I'm getting the better end of the deal. Christy, in the turquoise shirt, came with me to Peru last year and she is going to Colombia as well! Thank you to all of those who made dresses and donated finances. I am always overwhelmed at your generosity. My plan was to limit the dresses to 50. 
Sometimes plans go awry! LOL  

 We (mostly them) separated the dresses by size.
 This was the "before" photo.  I'm still waiting for space bags to arrive in the mail. 
 I feel so fortunate to be able to bring these dresses. How many? you ask...... 108!!! In Colombia I'll fill my backpack every morning and every afternoon and bring them out with me to give away. I love to put them on the girls when I can. I'll take as many photos as I can too, so you will see them wearing the dresses you generously made and donated. We also prayed for the girls who would be receiving them. 
Bless you all!


  1. What a blessing you gals are! Thank you for being willing to taking these dresses and for praying for the girls. Have a wonderful trip, safe travels! :)

  2. 108! That is wonderful! Do other people bring dresses or other items to give away also? What fun!

  3. That is fantastic. You are a wonder. Be safe.

  4. That is wonderful and I am sure the girls will love them.


  5. oh my gosh - what a successful year for dresses! I'm so happy you'll be taking a couple from me. Wish I could have come to help .
    what a wonderful mission you have.

  6. Bless you and all those who made dresses but especially bless the little girls that will receive them.

  7. Wonderful personal touch for your missions.

  8. This is marvellous! Sharing so much joy!!

  9. So many needed dresses. Bless you for the work you do.


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