Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Folly

I had a hair appointment in Portland with my daughter for last week, then she wasn't feeling good so we rescheduled for yesterday. 

Lunch date after hair appointment. She always has a new place to go. 
This time was  Kure juice bar. 

Earlier in the week the forecast was calling for a hefty amount of mountain snow all week and my husband kept adding auto parts stops to my schedule, so instead of leaving at 5AM to try and get it all done I left Wednesday and was able to drive in the afternoon and spend the night with my daughter, which was a way better plan! I was able to drive back home during daylight hours as well.
One of my stops is directly across from Fabric Depot so I made a quick stop in. 

 If you can't find what you are looking for in here, you probably don't need it. 
I needed some decor weight fabric for a chair I'm working on this weekend and found a piece on the remnant rack- I hope it's large enough!
 Here is a quilt I gave to my daughter in 1998. It was a mystery quilt class with Laury Thorn at the Stitchin' Post. I can hardly read the label but I did make out the date! That quilt is going on 20 years old- no wonder it is getting threadbare thin.
Because that one was getting thin I made her this one for Christmas 2015. She has 2 more quilts I made that I didn't get photos of. I love seeing my quilts well used.

And, not much on instagram this week. I sent Michelle a message after arriving in Portland to see if she was up for an impromptu dinner. It was a fun night- I had to kill a little extra time waiting for my daughter to get off work so we did a 2 brewery hop!! (on foot in the rain!) Making memories!!

Sweet Land of Liberty Update:  January 31st we will have a linky party- if you don't have a blog or instagram we will share on facebook. If you have none of these, let me know and we'll figure something out.

Then on February 2, I'll post month 2. February is a short month, so get your needles ready!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. And a fun time we had. Looks to be like a fun area to visit again to see what other restaurants to try.

  2. Lori guapas los dos!!
    Tu escapada parece genial

  3. What a great store! I'd be in fabric heaven. You and your daughter are so beautiful, great photo!

  4. Great shot of you and your daughter. Two lovely ladies!
    Fabric Depot looks like it would be overwhelming on a first visit. I'd have to plan a day to get acquainted with the place.
    It is nice to see our quilts well loved. I'd rather that than have them be show pieces no one dared touch.

  5. Never a "folly" when you get to spend quality time with your daughter - and shop for fabric! That looks like a fun place to go to pet fabric.

  6. It’s time well spent, the time we share with our daughters! You two look so nice!
    The fabrics store is really big, I’ll get lost going errand in there.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. How fun that you got to spend time with your daughter and a trip into a giant fabric store. Reminds me a little of Mary Jo's in North Carolina.

  8. Sounds like you had a nice day with your daughter and that is quite the quilt store. We had one like that and they closed, but there is one in the next state, like places with sale bins, great for backings too.


  9. So glad you had a good trip and time with your daughter! Seeing our quilts well used makes my heart warm. I recently saw two quilts my son had taken to college 30 years ago and they and now so threadbare they wouldn't keep anyone warm now but they have been loved! That's what quilting is all about.

  10. Great picture of you and your and what fun. Wow, that store is huge. Looks like you could spend hours and hours there. Wonderful.

  11. OMG - that shop left me weak-kneed. It looks like heaven on earth!

  12. Mother daughter dates are the best. Love the tree quilt and square in square - and agree it’s so wonderful to see quilts used and loved. I truly believe they get better with time and use... faded and soft and just packed with more meaning and sentiment from years of use.


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