Monday, March 5, 2018

Pillowcase dresses!

I tried to take plenty of photos in the hope some of you may spot the dress you made and see the little girl who received it!

 Some of these photos are more organized, like these little girls all lined up. Most of the time we were feeling a little rushed,

Here they are just holding their pretty dresses against them. We were supposed to be back a bit early from our last school and approached a woman sitting near the van with her baby. I went to talk with her and to see if her child was a girl or boy, when we looked up and saw this preschool! The man at the door gave us permission to come in and give them dresses and beanie babies! We prayed that morning we would find the best place to use these! He never fails!

I was dancing with this cutie pie! I gave her momma a dress. 

These two girls were so happy, after putting their dresses on they ran around and danced 
and had the best smiles! (I only had so many dresses in my pack, they didn't seem to care they were maxi's!)

Be still, my heart.

This little nina has a dress too.

You can see a dress on momma's lap and with the girl closest to me.
When was the last time you saw curlers in someone's hair?! The girls may not have known what to think, but the grandma was thrilled!

Don't let this fancy blue dress fool you. We were there to dedicate the water well and if they had Sunday best they were wearing them! (Above and below) Most of the houses were made of pallets.

 Momma has an outfit we gave her for when the baby gets a bit bigger.
Here's a recipient of a dress. We we trying to be discreet because we didn't have enough for everyone.

And here is the Pastor's wife at church. The 2 bags had about 15 dresses and the rest was school supplies, toys, soap, underwear and other purchased clothing. 

Thank you to all who participated! I feel so blessed to be able to give these away!
If you were one of the few I told not to make any more dresses, I will start accepting them anytime! This time I really am going to limit it to 50. 
Have an awesome week!


  1. The little girls look so happy with their new dresses. You started something really good with your original request for the pillow case dresses.

  2. What wonderful gifts for the little girls. Girls always want new clothes. But I am wondering about the little boys.

  3. I have a friend who is looking for a shorts pattern for the boys. The boys did love the stuffed animals!

  4. This is so heartwarming, Lori!

  5. Lots of happy smiling faces in those cute little dresses! May God bless you, and those sweet children! ---"Love"

  6. They all look adorable in their dresses. What lovely gifts :0)

  7. Thanks for all you do to put smiling faces on so many children! I spotted one of my dresses :)

  8. Those dresses are so cute and lots of fun prints. I love the t-shirt dress, that looks like a fun way to make one, is there a pattern for it? I would assume it is simply putting a gathered skirt onto it.


  9. Such sweet pictures, sweet kids, sweet dresses. A lovely cause.

  10. What a privilege for you Lori, such happy smiling faces , as we all know we all love a new dress and these were precious gifts.

  11. It's wonderful to see the beautiful little girls in their new dresses. I just started making dresses and can't wait to get to my sewing machine in the morning to start on another dress, just finishing up #11. I posted on my blog "A Nudge From Gos" if you care to read it, you can find it here God Bless you for the work you do.

  12. Those little girls are very cute and I like to see them all !
    Congratulations for your wonderful job...
    I will make my dersses and will send them to you !

  13. How fun to see these adorable little girls in their new dresses. Thank you so much, Lori, for arranging this project, and for sharing these beautiful photos.

  14. Bless you and your Serve Team! What heartwarming photographs.


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