Friday, April 6, 2018

Dear Daughter BOM

 Look at this cool old quilt! The reds are trashed but check out that amazing blue sashing! I think it can be called double blue or prussian blue. Love these blocks with the birds.  It has signatures throughout with lovely sentiments like this:
He who sows courtesy, reaps friendship, And he who plants kindness, gathers love.
Gay has written those down so they can be used for those who are reproducing this quilt.
Gay is so generous and she loves to share her antique quilts with us! Right now you can get blocks 1-8 free on her website. I am going to direct you to her blog so you can read about the quilt and use the links to get to her online store. (You put them in your cart, but they are free, for one month!)  And I'll say her patterns are great, accurate and detailed! Click HERE to check out the Dear Daughter quilt.

And my Instagram feed for the week. 
Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Oh my.... I love Gay's projects and have several in my "got to make" pipeline. Thanks (I think!!) for introducing me to another. So happy she has the original so we can all see the fantastic colors that were used is wonderful.

  2. What a great vintage quilt. Will you be making it?

  3. Are you working on the blocks?

  4. How beautiful that blue and red.

  5. Love some of these blocks! The birds are wonderful eye candy.:)

  6. That quilt is so beautiful, love the colors and the designs.


  7. That's a beautiful antique quilt ... and a big thank you to Gay to offer 8 blocks on her blog.
    I thing you are going to do it... ;)

  8. Thanks, Lori! There are NJ place names on this quilt. I ordered the first 8 blocks :)


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