Friday, May 4, 2018

Blue Ridge Rendezvous

Here's the little quilt we worked on at the Victoria Guild workshop. 
It is fun to learn how to do half-blocks and a zig zag setting. Mine is the blue and pink inspired by an antique quilt of the same colors. I called it Blue Ridge Rendezvous because I pieced it while at Bonnie's first cabin in
the Blue Ridge Mountains.(my first time ever to North Carolina)

Our goal was to try and get one row complete with the half blocks. You can use any 4" finished block with this same setting.

I showed you the pomegranate quilt that we talked about during the lecture, Reruns: Quilts inspired by the Past. Here were a couple more member quilts we shared and talked about.

 That's a lot of knots!
But it makes the back as much fun as the front!

Kathleen and her friend came from Houston and brought a couple of quilts for show and tell.
How darling is this?

 And it has a cheater backing.
 And lovely big stitch!
And this lovely quilt by Minick and Simpson using this French General floral background. It sure gives it a whole different vibe! I love it!

Here is my Instagram feed for the week.

I announced on Facebook that little swap quilts are still winging their way across the world and I'll be on vacation, so we will have a linky party late May.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What great quilts! Wish I could have been there! I love using the zigzag setting! It can dadd such pizzaz to simple blocks!

  2. Wow - love those Blue Ridge Rendezvous quilts. Your pink and blue combo is fantastic.

  3. Oh what fun! Looks like you got a lot done too!

  4. You had a nice turnout after all. I do like what the ladies were working on. And I like that the name you gave your quilt reminds you of a fun time.
    The French General background piece has a busy look but still I am drawn to it. Love those horses.

  5. Looks like your class members did well.
    An interesting bunch of quilts that were shared.
    You've been doing some fishing, it appears.
    And inquiring minds want to know about the Aqua Net photo. :)

  6. So cool to see the different quilts made with your Blue Ridge design in the class. That big stitch quilting looks so great - I need to try doing some. Looking forward to seeing all the little quilts in the linkup :0)

  7. All pretty awesome work. 'Looks like you all had a fantastic time.

  8. Wow! Some very impressive quilts.

  9. Such a fun design, the zig zag quilt. Haven't made one from ages, but I always enjoy them in the older, more antique looking colors!

  10. I love your Blue Ridge Rendezvous quilt and the quilt from the Simpson and Minick pattern look very nice with this background; it make me think of nature (field of grass).

  11. Love the colors you used in your quilt and fun to see all the different versions, from the other ladies.
    Those are beautiful quilts, always loved crazy quilted pieces.


  12. looks like a fun quilt trip

  13. Yeah for the workshop happening! Looks like you had fun with everyone there!

  14. A couple of days ago JulieKQuilts commented about finishing a quilt along project she saw on your blog. Love the look of this log cabin quilt and I was wondering if the pattern is still available on one of your posts. If so, which one? Barbara


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