Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Fun!

 Here's a little flag gift I'm making for a non quilter. I'm thinking she may be wondering what the heck to do with it. 
 It will be ready to pop in the mail tomorrow. Prim and Humble.
I was invited to participate in Christine's little quilt swap again this year. My quilt is done and will be ready to mail next week. The person I'm mailing to doesn't know who is making her quilt so I can show it here.
My rugosa's were blooming nicely then we had a crazy storm, with pelting rain and wind and Wednesday night about 2 AM was the loudest thunder I've heard in a long time. Even though most of my blooms are in the yard I thought the green made a lovely back drop for the little quilt.

My Instagram feed for the week.

Blogger thinks they have the email notification fixed, but I still think comments will be coming in as no-reply, so it will still be difficult to reply like we used to.
If you are still struggling Barb did a concise and clear job of explaining what she did to fix it. Check it out HERE. They are still working on issues.

I do appreciate all your comments. If you are a no-reply commenter I have been leaving a reply on my blog in the comment section.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh and 


  1. Love your little flag quilt and I'm sure the receiver will love it. And the other giveaway quilt, you just can't beat a 4-patch. Love them both!

  2. Commenting, since it doesn't look like blogger issue is fixed.

  3. Cute little Quilts. How fun to make a Mini Flag for a non-Quilter. The lucky one to get your Swap quilt will love it!!

  4. I love your little flag quilt and so will she :)

  5. Los mini quilts preciosos. Lori a ver si te sé explicar desde aqui y en español como conseguir de nuevo los correos de blogger.

    Ves a diseño , configuración y en comentarios cambias el email que tienes para blogger te mande los correos. Aceptas y te sales. Recibirás un correo de blogger para que aceptes el envio de correos de tu blog. Te puede llegar a la bandeja de,correos no deseados. Si quieres poner el email que tienes ahora. No contestes al correo que te han mandado, entras de nuevo al blog y haces todo el proceso, ahí si tienes que aceptar el correo de blogger. Espero haberme explicado bien y que el traductor de Google haga una buena traducción. Suerte. A mi ya me funciona bien. Un saludo

    1. Ohhhh tenía que A ver ido primero.a visitar a Barb, la solución es casi la misma.

  6. Love the small quilt, I was wondering if you will be going to Coburg Quilt show in July. Sally in Salem

  7. The bag is adorable!! Perfect for this time of year.
    I'm still not getting comments... GRRR

  8. The little flag is wonderful.:)

  9. Two excellent little quilts, Lori.
    Sometimes you almost need to include instructions when you give a small quilt to non-quilters. :)
    I used the comment fix (deleting and resubmitting my email address under settings/comments) and my comments are coming in and are no longer noreply. It has resolved the issue nicely for me!

  10. Your flag caught my eye. I would love to make one! I also love your little quilt. So pretty! I just fixed my blog and it seems to be working. YEAH!

  11. Lori...the tiny flag quilt is precious. What a thoughtful gift. The other quilt looks so pretty against the foliage. Blessings.

  12. Love your little flag quilt, great idea for scraps.
    The recipient of your quilt swap will love it, beautiful piece.


  13. Your little quilts are so sweet, for sure!


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