Monday, June 18, 2018

Small Post

A small quilt and a small post!

I've stated to hand quilt this over the weekend. Hopefully send off later this week.

If you missed the hoopla about me summiting Mt St Helens (Not sure how you could have missed it, I was making enough racket! LOL) you can read about it on my other blog HERE. 
I'm still in recovery mode. 
Both the kids came home Sunday to spend time with their dad. I wasn't going to spend it in my sewing room. I don't get to see them often enough. 

So, not much to share today. 
Take care!


  1. Such a sweet little quilt. Love it!

  2. That's a beautiful little quilt !

  3. Commenting here until Google gets this fixed

  4. lovely little nice hand quilting something small for a gift...

  5. Sweet little quilt. The hand quilting is the perfect compliment to the scrappy goodness.

  6. Adorable little quilt. I clicked on over to your other blog and can totally understand why you will be taking it easy and doing a little hand quilting today. That looked like an amazing experience. Makes me want to do something of that nature too! FUN!

  7. Whar a delightful small quilt. Handquilting will add some lovely texture! That old Jo Morton pink for your border is my daughter's favorite fabric in my stash and she won't let me use it up :0) Awesome to spend a day with your kids!

  8. Lovely little quilt.
    So glad the kids came over to see Cory!!
    I think the lack of comments being sent by email is a huge pain in the rear!!! ;-)

  9. This is such a sweet quilt. The border fabric really makes it shine!

  10. congrats again on the summit! very exciting and what a big personal challenge accomplished.
    super sweet little quilt.


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