Thursday, September 6, 2018

Book Sale! Part 1

Here is the first round of my fundraising book sale. The proceeds go to fund my mission trips. Thank you.
The comments are closed, if you want to purchase a book please send an email to 
I will wait to figure any shipping until all the books I have for sale are posted, which won't be until next week.  I will ship them the most economical way. I am off the grid for the weekend so I will be unavailable to answer questions until I return. 

Who doesn't love Country Threads? I've made this quilt and love it so much! It also has lots of extra small quilts. $10.00 SOLD

Amazing quilt patterns! $4.00 SOLD

Don't let the cover deceive you! Check out the next photo. Wonderful full size quilting patterns. 
$4.00 SOLD

Edyta Sitar- Need I say more? $18.00 SOLD!

An awesome book by Pepper Cory $5.00 SOLD!
The next three I believe are something like the "best" of series. 
The next photo is one of the patterns in this book.
$4.00 SOLD

$4.00 SOLD!
$4.00 SOLD!

 A quilt in the Easy Applique book above.
An oldie but goodie. $20.00 SOLD!

Another fun prim book! $15.00 SOLD

$5.00 SOLD

 Edie is known for her fun primitive quilts. $10.00 SOLD!

I have more to post next week! Remember, if you want a book, please send me your full name, which book or books you'd like to buy to
The books will be sold in the order I receive the email and I will write "Sold" on the 
blog as soon as I am able. I will confirm your purchase by responding to your email. If you do not hear from me someone beat you to the book. 
Thank you dear friends for your support!