Friday, December 7, 2018

Handquilting BTCT

I've done a few Instagram posts lately on this quilt so I thought I was due for a blog post on my handquilting of Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt. 
This lovely quilt pattern was reproduced from a vintage quilt that Gay from Sentimental Stitches owns. The patterns are still available in her online shop. 

I started the quilt in 2010, not sure when I started hand quilting it.(probably 2013)
The quilt measures approx 100x100 so I am feeling pretty happy about having all the blocks quilted and on to the borders

 My cross hatch is 1 1/2" apart, unless I got off, then it just falls wonky. There is enough going on in this quilt for me to NOT worry about that!

 The quilt had many motifs quilted in and Gay stayed true to the pattern. I just love that part of the quilt so I had to add it as well.
I worked my way through each block (there are 25 of them!) outlining the applique, adding the motifs, then cross hatching. 

 I started hand appliqueing this quilt, but when I got to this block I wasn't having much fun appliqueing all those leaves so I switched to machine applique.
All the bias stems are still done by hand

As is the entire border stems, along with the berry embroidery. 

Now that I am getting close to the end it spurs me to keep moving!! I'm also outlining the border applique as I work one direction of the cross hatching. 
This was how Gay added the motifs to the pattern.

I made my templates old school way, but using spray baste on card stock or cereal boxes, then cutting them out. To some people's horror I used a frixion pen to outline then for quilting. I did my own testing, so feel perfectly fine using it.

Maybe, just maybe I'll finish the quilting this winter!!

Thank you all who donated quilts, supplies, visa cards and cash to the Camp Fire victims! Quilters are so generous and I feel thankful you all trust me to distribute the goods in the best manner. Love you all!

Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. Oh this will be such an heirloom and lovely quilt. Quite a process...hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh, I just love this quilt! You're making great progress. I've been using Frixion pens, too, and so far so good. Looking forward to a fantastic finish!

  3. I followed Gay when she was posting on this quilt. You have done so much work and it is going to be a quilt that the family will tall tales about. Great work and thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it when you bring out this quilt and show all your progress! Cheering you on!!

  5. Wow--I am impressed with your steady forward movement. It looks gorgeous!
    I have been at a standstill with a large hand quilting project for a couple of years. Maybe this will spur me on to action!

  6. Love your BTCT quilt! You've done wonderful work and will have an heirloom treasure!

  7. Lovely! So much detail. You are very dedicated!:)

  8. Just love it Lori! I joined another couple of patterns up the other night, ready to put on my lightbox and mark the squares.......then other things happen, gifts and parties, so they are still on the coffee table waiting..waiting... :-)

  9. What a fantastic quilt, and a wonderful job you are doing on it.

  10. love love hand quilting and your details are very special. love the inking

  11. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt! I use Frixion pens all the time and I love them.


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