Friday, May 24, 2019

4 Patches

Who doesn't love a simple 4 patch? And a double 4 patch is double the fun!
I'm swapping with my friends Kat and Kevin next month when I go to Ohio. (I won't be seeing Kevin in Ohio, but he is still swapping with us)  I better get busy if I want to get all 200 of them made before then! These will finish at 4" and this will not be the setting . 

I generally don't piece lots of blocks at one time except in these circumstances. 


 This is what goes on at home most evenings. There is a bed behind Porter but he likes the coolness of the floor sometimes. 
I'm hoping to try out my new 1 person tent soon!!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. 

I loved hearing and seeing your first quilts! So much fun!!


  1. Oh yes we all love 4-patches! Have fun in Ohio with Kevin!!

  2. Ah, Elsa snagged Porters spot. Lol

  3. One of the favorite quilts I own was made by my Mom and it is a triple 4-patch. The smallest ones are tiny. Humble blocks make great quilts!
    I am with you on not piecing a lot of blocks at one time. There is a reason why I make mini quilts. I have to switch things up to maintain the therapeutic value of my quilting. :) So I wish you well on your piecing frenzy--channel your inner "Bonnie". She is so good at chain piecing a bazillion units.
    As long as Porter knows what he likes--but I think I'd take soft over cool on most days.

  4. I saw a dog bed last week that had a cooling pad incorporated into the lining. It wasn't very cosy tho so I didn't buy it. Mo likes the bare wood floors too sometimes, but hates his cooling mat [just a mat no bed .]

    The blocks are darling but 200 is daunting. So if they're 4" that means each little square is 1"? No wonder people collect scraps.

  5. I love four patches and currently am quilting a red & white one. Your dogs are just beautiful. I'm looking for a dog, but can't decide between a corgi or bigger dog.

  6. 4 patches and 9 patches are so fun for scrap quilts...the doggos look quite comfy...floor or bed

  7. I love double 4 patches, I have a stack in a drawer somewhere. lol
    they look great

  8. Love the double four patches--so fun to put different combos together.

  9. Perhaps the dogs would be happier if their beds were next to each other? Love the 4-patches too! Looking forward to what you all will do with them!

  10. Love love love, lots! Can’t wait to see your plan!

  11. Your dogs crack me up!! They are so adorable, in a big way!
    Your 4-patch watch will be amazing, I'm sure, especially with Kat and Kevin!!
    Can't wait to see your plan!

  12. Double four patches are so classic, easy, fun. It will be neat to swap some, for even more variety. Two hundred, though - that's a lot! Time for some good music or book on tape, while you sew, ha ha. They make great homey quilts! Love the photos of your doggies.... German Shepherds so regal and strong, powerful... making their sleeping selves all the more sweet and cozy. So nice that they have each other.


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