Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Kovals Antique Quilt Exhibit- Houston

Joe and Mary Koval generously shared an amazing array of antique quilts in Houston! Here's a sampling.

 This was actually one of my favorites. I can't get enough of this setting!!

 If I had to make 14 diamonds meet in the center, I'd never have a quilt!
 It's okay to cut up a toile. Still makes a pretty effective and fun quilt.

 I'm so glad I don't worry about which direction my stripes run!

 As precise looking as this applique is................
The maker added this funky folk art dog? I love it!

Quilts that I could not photograph were an amazing variety from the Poos collection.
 If you love antique quilts, run...don't walk HERE to get this amazing book of rarely seen 
quilts from 1600-1860!!!  WOW!!
Thank you Lori and Kay Triplett for exhibiting the quilts and sharing them in this book!

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Sorry for those of you who are already experiencing snow. I'll try not to whine about our colder temps. 

Love ya!


  1. Be still my heart...that applique quilt is stunning! That puppy in the corner is darling. And the zig zag it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually went to a quilt show last weekend and ran into Laurie at her booth! Wasn’t inspired to take picture but I did start thinking about pulling out some handwork that has been ignored.

  3. Lucky you to have seen these beauties in person!

  4. Beautiful quilts, all! Winter has begun far too early this year, a frigid zero here this morning.

  5. Those 2 exhibits were my favorites at the show. It is a fantastic book!

  6. Is that a fussy cut piece of fabric that is the stems in the 9th photo from the bottom? looks like lace. How did I miss these? Thank you so much for sharing Lori.

  7. Really enjoy seeing these vintage beauties--and thanks for the close-up views.

  8. I think those zig zag bars are my favorite but I loved them all. Any imperfections are irrelevant when you consider all of the disadvantages they had to make a quilt. In the earlier days, they even had to spread the cotton balls out over the quilt and quilt tiny stitches to keep it in. I am impressed with all of the quilts from those times. We have it so easy.

  9. amazing quilts and I love the puss in the corner quilt - that was almost the block I was going to pick for the swap.

  10. I look at some of the quilts we make today and I'm amazed at all the talent. I look at the quilts made "yesterday" and I am speechless and in awe!!

  11. Oh the inspiration from these quilts! Love them all. Thank you for sharing them.

  12. I really appreciate you taking the time to share these quilts. What stories they could tell.

  13. Lori, Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful old quilts! Since I've never been to Houston, I really appreciate you sharing your trip with us. I love that calendar quilt, just because it's interesting to look at the old calendar dates. It's too bad Mary was never able to find out why or who printed this whole cloth. The rest of the quilts are in such beautiful condition and so fun to look at!

  14. What absolutely fabulous antique quilts! I have the book - it's great! Must have been such a thrill to see the quilts in person.


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