Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Quilts and Friendships

Sometimes you meet new friends! 

And sometimes you pick up right where you left off with other friends! I met both of these ladies working in the education dept at IQF so at least I have 2 positive things from that event!! I also believe working those early mornings, long days, long week gave me a super appreciation for my unscheduled time at the quilt show. I didn't miss working one little bit!

 Donna (I hope I'm remembering correctly) approached me at the show and told me she was a blog reader. She had just made this purchase from Mary Koval so, of course, I asked her to open it back up so I could see it. She picked a lovely quilt!! It's always fun to see Mary and pick through her fabric and blocks for just the "right" one.
Look at that beautiful fabric and awesome quilting.

The quilting is stunning from the back too!

I had been keeping my eyes open and look who I bumped into!  I met Cecile in Paris with a couple of other  ladies, but this time I got to meet Chrisopher, her husband. He was quite the character and kept us laughing at lunch the following day. Cecile was wonderful and took it all in stride.

I met Patty when we were starting the Jane Stickle quilt about 1997! We've met a few times over the years, but it has been awhile. I knew she had 3 quilts in the Broderie Purse exhibit and found her nearby. She is super talented in so many areas- God gave her a strong left brain!! (I think that is the creative side) I'll be sharing more of those spectacular quilts in a later post. The 2 quilts you see behind us are ones she made!!

Look at the DJ photo bombing!! LOL  I worked with Bev and Mechelle in the Ed office and they also met up with us a few nights. There is a possibility I'll be teaching in Alabama and will get another opportunity to see these lovely ladies again in 2020. 

I set up a Humble Quilts lunch date but they moved the food court so had to change at the last minute.  I wasn't very specific so we met up in 2 parts. 
Connie, Jan, Sandy, me, Ann, Kevin and Tea.
The antique blocks are an optional challenge- make a quilt with it, cut it up, undo the seams, keep it whole, make a little quilt, big quilt, potholder, label, etc........ And you have a year to complete it. 

 And part 2 lunch- Christopher, Cecile, Janet. See the room behind us? It was a large space and I wasn't specific at all- no wonder. I didn't have anything on my schedule and was thrilled beyond measure.
This was so special to see Cecile's Almost Amish quilt in real life!!

 One more for the road....Although I kept running into them the rest of the day.
I was in an antique quilt vendor's booth and Roxanne asked if I was Lori from Humble Quilts. We had a nice little chat than a photo in front of these amazing quilts! Your kind words mean so much to me!
I had a class with Leah Zieber  Saturday morning and look who I finally got to hug! We figured it was 10 years ago we met online when she purchased a little quilt from an online auction from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Her husband had Alzheimer's and so did my mom. Even though she is from the UK we have managed to see each other a few times over the years. 
And speaking of Leah... Here she is with a copy of her new book, co-authored with Linda Collins. I had the pleasure of looking through it and it looks like a winner!! (due out January 2020)

Yes, that is a pile of quilts in front of Leah. If you ever get an opportunity to take a class/lecture do it! You will not regret it. 

I'll end this post with a couple of amazing quilts from the Texas Quilt Museum.

And thanks to a good friend for reminding me not to let others steal my joy! 

I appreciate you all,  and your kind, positive, and encouraging words and comments. 


  1. I didn’t realize you were not working this year. How fun and what a lovely time you had. Thanks for all the pictures and stories.

  2. omigosh...such beautiful vintage quilts...when i grow up i wanna quilt like that!

  3. So exciting and special to see old and new friends in such a fabulous setting. I do hope I get to meet many bloggers next year for my first trip to Houston. I did get to see Sue Watters this year in Maine. I really want to meet Janet O., Kevin and Cecile in person!! Thanks for sharing your special trip.

  4. What a wonderful post. It is always fun to meet up with old and new friends. Hugs

  5. It was fabulous to see you again Lori !! How nice it was...
    Thank you for the challenge with old blocks ! I can't wait to start..
    My husband was grateful and happy to meet you, Kevin and your friends ! And, surprise for me, he was sooo impressed by the festival and the quilts !! Yeah !! :)

  6. Hey there. Sorry I missed you at the show. You took far more pictures than I did. I get busy looking sometimes and forget I have the camera in my hands. I'm not always a fan of red and green quilts but I loved the last two you've shown above. When and where would you be in Alabama if it works out?

  7. I loved your Video tour at the Quikt Festival! Sew many friends, glad you had them come meet up. You're awesome to let us meet up in Quilty places!!

  8. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your time at Houston. How fun that you got to see so many friends. The quilts were beautiful too :-)

  9. What a wonderful time you must have had! Nothing better than friends to share your passion. Magnificent quilts- all are beautiful, but I LOVE that Mary Koval quilt. I think it is fun that Cecile brought her almost Amish quilt- I think she hoped to bump into you. :)
    Are there certain dates that the general public can attend? Oh how I would love to go!!
    Thanks for another great blog post!

  10. How wonderful to reconnect with friends and make new ones! It looks like everyone was having a good time and what gorgeous quilts!

  11. Very sweet to meet up with your internet quilty friends! Lots of inspiration at the show too, love that. Thanks for sharing.:)

  12. So nice you were able to meet up with friends! Thanks for the wonderful photo inspiration!

  13. It is easy to tell how much you enjoyed NOT working at festival. I can feel your joy. It is a dream to get to festival someday. I love seeing all these photos of you meeting up with friends old and new.

  14. Since I met you once in Oregon, it would be fabulous to see you again in Alabama. When and where is it going to happen??

  15. Looks like you had an amazing time, rich with people and quilts! I love your antique block challenge - you have a way of unifying people.

  16. Seeing friends at the big shows is always so much fun! I've seen Kevin, Sue and Cecile at Vermont or Paducah. so fun!
    I haven't seen Patty in many years, It was when we were all at Jills I think.
    I think I'm visiting her guild. I wish you and I could get together

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful time, and saw some wonderful quilts and quilters!


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