Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday This and That

Remember this quilt? I asked Barbara Brackman about it and this was her response:

I noticed that quilt on your blog. Interesting because of the red behind the lilies. Dating hard as so little to go on. All the fabrics not very good clues. But you wouldn't see a red & green style quilt like this in the 1830s so now we are up to 1840...
The earliest examples I have in the pattern are in the early 1840s.
More reason to think after 1840

R & G quilts 1840 to 1890 but in conservative places like Penn you see them into the 1920s and I'm beginning to think a lot of r&g Southern quilts were made up into the 1930s.

The quilting in yours is so utilitarian--if it were fancier I'd think 1840-1860 but it's so typical of the late 19th c

So to be conservative I'd say 1840-1890, most likely after 1870.
Hope this is helpful.

Thank you Barbara!!

Remember this toile I was gifted by Suzette?
It was called Cape Cod printed by Waverly.

I wrote to Waverly asking about the approximate date and this was the response I received.
The printing was approx. 1920’s. Short and sweet- at least I received an answer! 

My son moved to Central Oregon for a promotion! Now instead of 3 hours away they are only 1 hour. After moving them I could hardly move my arms!! LOL 

They lost their big sweetie Cleo. They adopted an older kitty but was able to show her lots of love for the time they had her. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and they opted to love her and give her lots of treats until she passed to rainbow bridge. 

I made a trip to see my daughter Rene and talk about our Peru trip coming up in May. We ate at a Peruvian restaurant but the real deal is much better.

This was my city view from my daughters apartment yesterday morning. A little different than my country view.

I'm off to a sewing retreat today! Enjoy your weekend friends!


  1. I love how you are always seeking more information about your fabrics and quilts. You have so much curiosity - inspiring! And how fun to have your son a bit closer. I was pretty sore after all the snow shoveling this week!

  2. Barbara is so knowledgeable and so helpful! I love your quilt. The red is an interesting placement. So nice to have kids move "closer"!

  3. Have fun on your retreat! wee fun!
    how nice to have your son closer. You can have sunday dinners.
    I so respect their choice to love and care instead treat that sweet cat. Our pets can give consent.
    Great toile' quilt

  4. Good morning! It's wonderful how you purued the history of your textiles! 1920 is interesting for the toile. If accurate the piece is 100 years old!
    I'm no B Brackman of course but I'd have dated your R & G Tulips either 1890-1910, bec of the utility quilting OR , for some reason the baskets have an Art Deco style to me, which would make it 1920-1930s-ish.
    Moving is so hard. And what a beautiful big fluffy kitty! How sad to lose a fur baby.

    enjoy the retreat.


  5. So interesting to find a better date for the genesis of your wonderful quilt! Love that your son has moved closer home again. Ours moved to Portland during early fall and we are missing their little family so much!.:)

  6. Great blog. Lots information. Nice that your son is an hour away. I've never had Peruvian food, I will have to try it. Have a great time at the retreat.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  7. Oh, a retreat. What fun. I'm missing out on one since I'm in Arizona now instead of home. Glad your son is closer by.

  8. How fun to get some dating on your quilts. That aspect always interests me too. Glad your son is closer. Mine is about an hour away, but we still don't get to see them much as they're so busy now that the grands are teens.
    Have fun at retreat!

  9. Wonderful insight into the quilt from a great source!
    Cleo looks like a big, fluffy kitty.
    Such an adventure you and your daughter will have.
    The only thing I know about Peru is that as I have been collecting international nativities over the years, they have wonderful ones made by local artisans--mostly painted terra cotta. If you have a chance, check them out.


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