Friday, July 10, 2020

It Takes a Village

 My blogger friend Julie is a nurse in Texas. Her hospital is getting hit HARD with covid. She put a little shout out for nurse scrub caps. The one she shared the tutorial for is good for putting long hair or a pony tail in. See her post HERE.
See the youtube tutorial HERE.

What is so super amazing about quilters is someone saw my comment on Julie's post that I don't have easy access to elastic or interfacing (small town conundrum!) and she contacted me and offered to send me some. So, I got the hats cut out as far as I could then when I received the package from Ann in Washington state yesterday I went straight to my sewing room and finished them up. I made 7 total. I think I can make a few more too Julie, if you need more. Thank you so much Ann!!

On another note my daughter posted on Facebook she was going to write to some lonely seniors. Gosh, so many don't have family nearby anyway, then top it off with the strict Covid rules, they are lonely! 
How cool would it be for your family to adopt a senior or two to write to? 

Victorian Senior Care (click on that title) has made it possible. 

And now that masks are mandatory indoors in Oregon, when I feel like I need to switch it up, face shield to the rescue. I almost forget I have it on. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. The scrub caps are all so cute and practical. And what a generous reader to send you elastic. The face shield looks like a better option for some situations.

  2. OH Lori!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those caps will be put into immediate use!!! They are darling!! Ann is such a nice person, isn't she? I have loved getting to know her. We use those face shields at work sometimes, too.

  3. Those scrub caps are pretty. Since I get panicky breathing sometimes with a face mask a face shield like that would work perfectly for me. Maybe I need to invest in one. DH has no problems with the masks at all.

  4. Thanks for the links you provided. Looking good sporting that face shield, Lori!!

  5. You have been very busy! Wonderful to see your smile through the shield.:) That's been one of the worst parts of the mask wearing. No expressive faces to read. uggh!

  6. You are very cute in your face shield!

  7. You are so sweet to make caps for Julie.
    Ann is very thoughtful--always.
    At least with the face shield people can see your lovely smile.

  8. Love the face shield! I cannot breathe in a mask, will have to see if i can find some of those!

  9. You can get elastic (in lots of colors and made in the USA) from Atwood Rope. My little guild has ordered quite a lot from them. They ship really quickly, too.


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