Monday, September 28, 2020

50 Shades of Brown part 2

Now cut 18 2 1/2" brown squares using various shades and prints of brown. The original little quilt has quite a bit of striped and one way fabric in it. 
I layed mine out somewhat like the original, having the 2 pink blocks near each other and the blue off by itself.  There was no rhyme or reason/light and dark on the layout.  It was super scrappy and humble!


Then piece the top together.  I don't have a photo without the border. But this layout is how I piece most of my quilts. 

What makes this quilt super charming is the border! The antique uses 4 one way fabrics! For now, look through your stash and see what options you have then meet me back here next Monday for the finale.

Make it a terrific week no matter your circumstances!


  1. Wow, Lori, thanks for a manageable SAL. Even with a jam-packed week this is doable. I put pink and blue in more of my blocks, so I think I will spread those out a bit. Looking forward to seeing the border.

  2. Sweet :0), this is a fun little project Lori. Happy Sewing!

  3. Loving the scrapy browns. There is something comforting about the haphazardness of it :-)

  4. So fun to have a couple small boxes of parts to make up these blocks. The borders may be another story, but we will see. Fun quilt-along!

  5. Still haven't checked to see if I have pieces and parts that might work for this little QAL, Lori. It's coming together SEW quickly!!

  6. Pulling my pre cut squares today, making it super scrappy. Going to try for 50, it'll be charming (wink). Thank you, Lori for such a cute project for the autumn.


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