Monday, October 19, 2020

Aurora Colony Quilt Show 2020

I always look forward to the Aurora Colony Quilt Show so when I found out they were still going to have it, I was thrilled. It was a scaled down version and included only the Historical Colony Quilts this year. My favorites, so even better!

Lydia Bauer Irvin 1866-1899
 There was no explanation about the 2 dates and initials.

My photo looks very orange but it was more of a reddish orange. The large one in the back:  unknown maker, 1860-1880
The little one is a reproduction made by the Aurora Colony Historical Society in 2007

Pieced and quilted by Annie Giesy Becke

It looks like the pillow topper was made completely separate. Maybe she didn't like it in two pieces and decided to sew them together. Has anyone seen this before? Or have another idea?

Pieced and quilted by Christina Stauffer Wolfer

I loved this one so much! See the cute little patch? Works perfect!

This was not as fluorescent as it looks. The lighting is not that good in the museum.
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Keil family.

LOVE that quilting!!

So many of these quilts have that terrific quilt pattern in the large setting square. It could be more common than I think, but I've mostly seen it on the Colony quilts. 
Pieced and quilted by Ethel Combs

I noticed several quilts that had these very large borders. Good way to make your quilt fit your bed!
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Wolfer-Scholl family 1875-1900

Double sided nine patch. This is the first time I remember seeing this charming utility quilt. 
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Wolfer-Scholl family 1870-1890

Got green? 
Attributed to Catherine Steinbach c1875

Another really wide border.

Beautiful quilting.

Found in the Frederick Keil House, maker unknown
This makes my heart go pitter patter. 

Unknown maker
Pieced and quilted by a member of the Kraus family 1870-1910
Love that quilting!! 

It was an enjoyable day and more meaningful that the volunteers (mostly elderly) did what they could to make this show happen. It was apparent they were happy to be there, dressed in costume, greeting show goers. All in all more special than usual.

Much love to you all...



  1. Oh, I wish I would have known. That show is on my bucket list. I just assumed it was canceled like all the others. Thank you so much for sharing. It certainly has been a void in my life this year πŸ‚πŸŒ»πŸ

  2. I loved this show when we lived in Oregon, thanks so much for sharing your photos each year. It's a real treat to see these quilts.

  3. Beautiful quilts with a nice flashback in time. Loved looking at all of them. Thanks for sharing

  4. I really enjoy looking at these quilts. Love the large borders. How nice the show was not cancelled. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the quilt show! I love looking at all the old fabrics. Had I known they were having the show this year, I would have made an effort to go!
    Tina in northeastern Oregon.

  6. Love these old quilts.....the reason I started making quilts ! Interesting that several are the same block pattern..... which I like a lot too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I wish I had realized it was Going! We drove right by to Salem!
    Beautiful quilts! I love the swirl star!

  8. Thanks for sharing your day out with us. I bet those volunteers so happy to see you

  9. Fabulous vintage quilts! Makes my heart go pitter patter too. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  10. Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us, Lori!

  11. Thanks for sharing these quilts I particularly like the fabrics that were selected and their placement in the quilt with the wide border. I love everything about the quilt in the picture preceding the wide bordered quilt. I love the colors, the design and thanks for pointing out the unique quilting pattern. It's just great.

  12. What fabulous colors and combinations. Thanks for sharing. Loved that red and white swirl! Like a peppermint candy.

  13. This is wonderful! I’m so glad they still had their show. I love that first quilt- what an interesting pattern.

  14. These quilts are wonderful, Lori! They are all in such beautiful condition! I really like the green and pink quilt by Catherine Steinbach! Those fabrics look a bit like Betsy Chutchian's fabric! Thank you so much for the show and tell!

  15. Thanks for sharing these quilts - I miss going to shows so much! It does help to see them online.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this tour with us. I've really enjoyed it. Take care. ;^)

  17. Thank you for sharing these great quilts, Lori! The quilting on the orange and blue one, and several others with similar quilting, is really interesting. It's almost like quarter baptist fans. It creates an interesting pattern in the plain, unpieced squares. It's a great new (old) idea for a future quilt. The first quilt is unusual and so special.

  18. Darn. I didn't know they were having the show this year. I drive through Aurora several times a week and always seem to miss the show! I just inherited an early Aurora Colony basket from my mom - a treasure.


  19. Oh my goodness, such great old quilts. Thanks for taking us along to this special show. Interesting about the wide borders on several. The red and white swirly one is so striking and pretty - looks like those red and white swirly candies to me.

  20. I'm totally ignorant about the Aurora Colony, but I would like to know a little more. Are they a closed community, are they still together? Lovely quilts. I can see why you are drawn to them.
    Good design is timeless.

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  22. Thanks so much for the pictures of these beautiful quilts! I was thinking about the blue and whte quilt with the extra section you were wondering about. I think that extra piece was known as a "beard guard" and it would be sewn onto the top edge of a quilt. When a man would sleep under the quilt, that part would be dirtied by his beard (I guess beards were dirtier in the olden days), but the rest of the quilt would remain clean. When needed, the beard guard could be removed and laundered, thus preserving the main quilt (and saving some work). Afterwards, it could be reattached until it got soiled again. It was a very common sense solution to a problem!

  23. great antique quilts! love all that hand quilting
    Oh I wish you had included photos of the costumed hostesses

  24. Thanks for sharing, and you're always so good about adding a note about what the color really looks like, not just what the camera sees. Carol

  25. I always enjoy this show so much. Beautiful quilts [do they repeat?] and classic lovely quilting. I m happy you got to go in person this year. [PS for some reason I adore that green one!]
    I had to look Aurora Colony up, it looks so interesting .

  26. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts with us. I was thinking that a few of them would make great sew alongs. They are in great condition.

  27. Love this show--getting to see these unique quilt, and study the fabrics and quilting styles. What a treat!

  28. Thanks for the quilt show. I'm really missing all the inspiration from quilt shows that have been cancelled. I hand quilted the feathered circle with the crosshatching in the center for my inlaws quilt (I just gave it to them last week).


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