Friday, May 7, 2021

2021 Quilt Swap Linky Party

I think I say every year that the quilts I'm seeing in the swap are incredible! Well they are!
I got my quilt from Pat on Wednesday. It's perfect in every way!

I was scrutinizing it closely trying to figure out if it is just well placed 9 patches... It looks tricky!
 Love love love it!

Gorgeous fabric on the back!!

I know many of you posted your photo in the album HERE
Thank you!
I believe you can add them to the linky party from there as well and if not it is one step less for me to do.

It is okay if you cannot figure it out. Post from a blog, Instagram or even your desktop now! 
I have company coming today and we have an employee on vacation so I'll do the best I can to add your quilt to the linky party! 

I love seeing them all in one place!

If you haven't received your quilt, please be patient. We know the post office has had a massive increase in mail and packages this past year. I'll be leaving the linky party open until everyone's quilt is added!

Have a terrific weekend.


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  1. I didn't receive my quilt and I will be patient !! I can't wait !
    Thank you for this new swap Lori !

  2. I don't know how Pat made your quilt, Lori, but the pattern I have for that design just involves laying out the squares in that pattern and then sewing them together, row by row. I had never thought of the option to do them as "well placed" 9-patches, but I'll bet you could.
    The swap was fun and I am glad I could participate this year. Thanks!

  3. Oh you watch out for some mail, too, Lori!!! Thank you so much for my wonderful quilt!!!Loves and hugs from Germany!!!

  4. Another great swap. My little quilt from Lois in Alaska is beautiful. She absolutely outdid herself with her choices of fabrics. Love it, Lois!

  5. What a lovely quilt. Very adorable.

  6. Wow they are incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This year's crop seems especially adorable and authentic. I love the look of ''traveled thru time'' doll quilts. I love the annual Linky party. Thanks, Lori, even tho this year I could not participate.


  8. So many adorable doll quilts! I didn't participate this year, but I received a wonderful quilt from Pat when I did participate - don't remember when that was. What fun!!

  9. Such adorable quilts! Makes me wish I'd have joined in this year.

  10. Each one is so so special! I am inspired to try a couple patterns for myself!

  11. All are so pretty and different. Thank you for hosting this swap again.

  12. I’m ready to link up but don’t see where to do it on this post!

  13. I did manage to find the Inlinks linkup but my caption did not save correctly and I don’t know how I can edit it. I made the star quilt for Lu Ann.

  14. I was not part of this swap. But, these are amazing little quilts! Each one is perfect! Thank you for the mimi quilt show! :)


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