Friday, June 11, 2021

Multifarious Friday!

 I've got a little of this and that today!

Remember that adorable turtle fabric I showed you from the quilt shop in Hawaii? Well because of a generous friend and blog reader, I now own a piece of it! We both chuckled that turtle fabric can be so pretty! Thank you Janet!! She is super talented, please check out her blog HERE.

Another talented and generous quilter is Gay at Sentimental Stitches. The next Poppy's Polka Dot Garden blocks are HERE.
Thank you Gay!

We were walking down the street in Lander and looked up to see this sign! What?! Seems it used to be a quilt shop with fabric, etc, now the owner makes quilts to sell. 

Along with other Wyoming goods. They were closed when we strolled by, but I'll have to check it out next time.

I don't get to see my daughter enough and after the year she's had as a hairdresser during covid I try and make a point to see her when I can. 

We had a lovely leisurely 3 hour lunch at Salty's on the Columbia River. 

These little guys seem to be everywhere! At first we thought there was only one, but I'm pretty sure there is more. As if the deer eating my plants isn't enough? LOL

Love you all! Thank you for all your kind comments and support!

Have a great weekend,


  1. Great picture of you and your daughter. And about those bunnies - I am working on sharing my yard space with them but they can sure make a mess of tender plants. Happy Friday

  2. I love turtles. Can't get enough of them. That fabric is beautiful. Speaking of and your daughter are a beautiful spitting image of each other. Hugs

  3. Love the photograph of you and your daughter having lunch. I treasure the times I had lunch with my mother, she died when I was 28. Your daughter is beautiful, such a lovely smile.

  4. I'm so glad you and could see your daughter ❤. I love the art in the Salty's picture too.

  5. I'm so glad you and could see your daughter ❤. I love the art in the Salty's picture too.

  6. I was happy to be able to do something for you, Lori, after all you do for your readers. I and I couldn't believe my luck finding the turtle card.
    Your daughter is such a cute girl, and I am sure she is as sweet as she looks. Glad you got to spend time together. Having a job that required close personal contact during COVID could mean that your work was shut down, or you worked under stressful conditions. I hope things are calmer for her now. Living close to nature is great in so many ways, but there are those ways that aren't so great!

  7. So glad that you were able to enjoy a visit with your daughter, Lori! Sorry to hear about the plant eaters, though.

  8. Hello

    Merci pour ses moments de partage, un grand bonjour de France
    Amicalement Fabienne

  9. Lori, would you mind sharing the name of the quilt shop that the turtle fabric came from please? I am making an Ocean inspired quilt for my niece who is getting married next June 1. They live in the US and have put the wedding off for a full year because I live in Canada and cannot travel yet. She would really love these turtles.

    1. Hi Val, The fabric is exclusive to this shop:

      Here's the blog post on that shop

  10. Your daughter is beautiful and probably inside as well outside! How wonderful you got to have such a leisurely lunch with her. Life is short -- ENJOY!


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