Monday, June 7, 2021

Scrappy Monday

Quilters are so generous!! 

I was the recipient of Cheryl’s generosity while she cleaned out her room! Thanks again, Cheryl!
Check out her blog HERE

Here is just a sampling of the terrific reproductions she sent! 
Some oldies but goodies! 
I feel a scrap quilt coming on!!!<squealing!>

We went hiking to Popo Agie Falls near our property in Wyoming.  The spring run off had the River raging! It was so beautiful! 

Our son wanted to come and see the property. It was really fun until I fell/crashed and burned! 
As I prepare this post my leg is propped with ice on my knee! Thankfully it wasn’t more serious. 

Be back late tonight! 


  1. Oh dear! So sorry about your fall but I guess the more you get out and hike, the more likely you are to have a tumble. I looked for the magazine all weekend but haven’t found a copy yet - boo. I am so excited for you to have that property. Hopefully you will build a place big enough for quilting friends to visit!

  2. Oh no! Where did you fall? Feel better.
    Such a handsome family! And fun fabrics. Wonder what you'll make? What is next on your to-do list after the Birds?

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. However, just petting the new fabric will help you feel better! Hahaha! They are truly lovely.

  4. SO SORRY LORI!!! Hope you are okay, and not in too much pain. I took a tumble during the big ice and snowfall Feb 11 in our area. L4L5 are toast. My surgery was cancelled, seems that I'm too big of a liability. :( NICE fabrics! Susie H. is RIGHT... Pet the fabric, it has great powers. LOLOL! Thanks for the pics, that river is really ripping! Beautiful. Love rushing water :) <3

  5. Take care of you! What a delightful gift of fabric. I’m drooling over the yellows

  6. What wonderful pieces of fabric from Cheryl. She was very generous!
    Oh, I love visiting waterfalls--especially ones you can play in.
    But I don't love falling and I am sorry to hear that you took a tumble. I hope it isn't more than bumps and bruises and that you recover quickly!

  7. Ohhh I'm so sorry for you Lori !
    I wish you a quick recovery...
    Those pieces of fabrics are beautiful !
    Huge hugs !

  8. I've fallen a few times myself and boy is it painful! I hope you didn't do any permanent damage. Your property looks wonderful - such scenic views! There is no wilderness anywhere around where I live. That fabric looks great too. It will be fun to play with it.

  9. As always, spectacular nature photos, Lori! Here's hoping your knee heals quickly.

  10. So glad you will put the fabrics to good use. Get better fast!

  11. What delicious fabrics you got! Looking forward to seeing the results of all those. So sorry for your owie! Heal quickly.


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