Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Scrappy Quilts, Scrappy Life

I mentioned to Lizzy that I should do an outdoor post about what is growing in my garden. Late spring is peak because the long hot days haven't arrived yet and plants are enjoying lovely days sprinkled with bouts of rain.
I realized my garden style mimics my quilts! Free flowing, humble and scrappy! 
Feel free to scroll past all the flowers to the video at the end of this post. 

Instead of dirt or weeds we planted wildflowers. Flax is always dependable. 

And yarrow, which is natural to this area. 

These lupine are natural to the area as well. 

These are in the flower bed. Not sure what they are. Apparently the deer aren't fond of them!



Mock Orange

Some daisy like flower that reseeds freely. 

Rugosa. This hardy rose stands up to heat and deer!

This little rose is such a surprise! I have 3 of them  and they are about 1' high and bloom year after year! They are the closest to the front door or the deer would eat them to nothing. 

Lupine. These are a bit fussy but so showy when they are 4-5'! 

I have since trimmed the dead seed heads. 

Showy but don't know what it is. 

Snow in summer. 

What a plant looks like after a deer or rabbit have breakfast!

My lavender is just getting started. Mine self seeds freely and I have a lot growing! The bees love it.

Net to the short roses is this profuse early flower. Not sure what it is either. Catmint?

Thanks for going with me on a walk around my garden! Let's check it out again in about a month. 


The video was a bit last minute! Please overlook any errors! 
Here's the link if you cannot click on the video. 

Enjoy your day!



  1. HI Lori! As you know, I am a scrap quilter too, so it was a huge treat to see what you have been making!

  2. My guesses to your unnamed - salvia and weigela. Looks like deer/rabbits love your wild geranium/cranesbill.

  3. Thank you for the mini trunk show!
    Scrappy quilts are my favorites as well. Looking forward to your sew along.

  4. the daisy thing is a black eyed susan....maryland state flower!

  5. I enjoyed the tour of your flowers.
    The quilt on your wall has been loosely patterned as Nearly Insane, and it is on my bucket list.
    Thanks for the fun bed turning to start my day.

  6. Loved the garden tour and the Quilts! I love my Bullseye that I did at your class. It took me a while to finish but I love it.

  7. I love all your beautiful flowers. I agree that free flowing is best, not manicured to within an inch of its life.

  8. Lori love your scrappy quilt show & the beauty flowers in your yard. Milorganite or Irish Spring soap is good to use for deer. Happy Quilting :)

  9. Love the lupine especially! So pretty!

  10. What a fun post. I enjoyed the flower show and the bed turning. What a great idea.

  11. Enjoyable video, Lori! Love, love the Pennsylvania style quilt. I do not remember you making that. I have wanted to make one in that style for years.

  12. I love scrap quilts and flowers so this was a GREAT post! Sorry to hear you fell twice in a week but happy to hear you will be nursing yourself back to 100%. Stinks that we used to be able to go, go, GO and now we have to listen to our bodies and let them mend. Oh well, beats the alternative! Keep on smiling, quilting, and hiking when able. I look forward to the Fall QAL!

  13. Wonderful garden tour, you know how I love wild flowers and native plantings. Off to watch your vid on you tube!

  14. Something I learned about lavender, you need to cut it back after it is done blooming or at the end of the season or else the next year it starts to get gangly and woody. I did not know this and most of my lavender plants have gotten woody which I can't cut back. Trimming it back will keep the plant compact and pretty.

  15. LOVE the scrappy 9-patch... though I love just about any 9-patch. but scrappy 1800's 9-patch... I'll have to make one similar!

  16. pretty garden Lori and what a fun scrappy video. I have some pink and green lightning strips from Jill's sewing room. I too have a bullseye quit that has been well used and loved.
    hope your ankle is better!


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