Monday, September 27, 2021

NW Quilt Expo

 Many of you may not know but Oregon is one of a handful of states that still have an indoor mask mandate. Our governor has tried to mandate outdoor masking but that has failed miserably.

 Anyway, it was my FIRST quilt show since last October when I went to the scaled down version of the Aurora historical Quilt Show.  I was so excited! 

Here's my favorites from the show.

The story captured my heart on this quilt. Read below. 

Sorry I cut this off!

The others are from the collection of the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook Oregon. 

BOOM! Nothing like a great fabric that's in your face!! 

Such a great print to use on that star!

That print is incredible!

I hope this got you inspired this Monday morning! I know I am!


  1. Glad you got to go. There's something so heartwarming to see these beautiful antique quilts

  2. Lori maravillosa exposición. Gracias por compartir.
    En España sigue siendo obligatorio utilizar la mascarilla en lugares cerrados, en espacios abiertos si hay distancia entre personas se pude ir sin mascara, somos muchos quizás la mayoría que seguimos llevándola siempre.

  3. Beautiful quilts, I would second the choices for favorites! I have enjoyed the few Quilts I've seen as I Shop Hopped. I needed more inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  4. all stunningly beautiful...and oh those tiny triangles....swoon worthy!

  5. Great photos of amazing fabrics. Thanks for all the close ups .
    Love them all.

  6. Wonderful vintage quilts. Thanks for the close-ups of these beautiful fabrics and the amazing stitching!

  7. Ooh, I love them! Especially the white and blue one! Great quilt show, love the antiques. I've got to get to the Lowell Quilt Museum, it's less than an hour away! Jan in MA

  8. Beautiful quilts, I totally understand why that first quilt is your favorite, amazing!

  9. Yes! I love the pink one and such a sweet story! I need to go to the Lattimer Center again - it's been a long time. Maybe I'll get DH to drive us there for a day trip.

  10. Fabulous quilts! Thanks for posting these. I love that story too. My father lost 2 siblings in the early 20's to the same disease.

  11. great quilts! thanks for sharing

  12. I look forward every year to your photos of the Aurora show. That’s a lot of triangles for a ten-year-old to make! We still have an indoor mask mandate here in North Carolina, and I’m glad of it, since only 49% of the population is vaccinated. Dot


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