Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Cigar Ribbons and Antique Block Challenge

The quilt below was in the Latimer Textile booth. I must not have been super impressed with the entire quilt because I don't have a photo! 

Only close-ups of these cool ribbons! From what I've read 1875-1911 was the cigar ribbon popularity years. 
I find them so fascinating!

How are you all coming on your block challenge?
Marian shared the start of hers on the facebook group and someone wanted to see my blocks. 
They are on my design wall waiting for inspiration!

How about yours?
If you have no clue what I'm referring to check this out HERE.

I had no idea so many of you also have wrist problems! Thank you for all the great ideas and links to recovery!

Much love



  1. The ribbons are so interesting! Imagine all that cigar smoke though, eeew.
    I know what my block design is but with my vision problems I may have to shelve that plan and work on a simpler design/ block.

  2. The ribbon quilts are fascinating. I recently got to see one that had just been donated to our local historical society museum. It was gorgeous! Most of the dates on the ribbons were 1892 and 1893. It will require a bit of restoration work before it can be displayed.

  3. The cigar ribbons are beautiful. Imagine saving all of them! They remind me of the endpapers in old books…..which remind me of fabric. I received a set of the antique blocks and have a good idea what I will do. I know I will turn them into a table runner. Ideas are percolating. I hope your hands begin to feel better. I sent you a link on Instagram to a quilter who teaches hand yoga. It’s very interesting. I think it’s something we would all benefit from. There are videos on YouTube. I read about her in QUILTMAKER magazine online. Take care.

  4. That took a whole lot of patience to sew those ribbons.
    I apparently don't have an orphan vintage block. Maybe I need to visit eBay. The antique malls I visited this afternoon didn't have blocks, just tops. I'll keep looking!

  5. Mine is on my design wall. I bought it at Aurora Quilt show. It's pathetic but I like the colors.
    I'm not sure yet what to do with it...

  6. I had never heard of cigar ribbons. The quilts are all looking so pretty.

  7. sometimes I wonder if those ribbons were all from one family or if they were working at a cigar store and sold the cigars individually so they got the ribbons from those boxes. Did they let their friends know they were interested in the ribbons, so when the friends husbands brought home a new box the wiwves would "confiscate" the ribbons to gift to their friend who was making this quilt?

    1. I can't imagine one person collecting/smoking that much! I suppose like we do, we collect, trade, purchase with friends.


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