Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Antique Block Challenge 2021-2022

Last year I sent out quite a few antique blocks for our challenge. How's it going? 
May 30, 2022 was set as the deadline and this month has already zipped by so fast! I've seen 2 completed quilts and I just recently got mine basted. 
I know I took a photo of the blocks and now I cannot find them. 
Be sure to show us the "before" block and the after quilt. 

Here are a few that I mailed out.
If you'd like to be a part of the challenge and would like a $5 block, let me know!

Here is my block from the 2020 challenge.

Just trying to keep it fresh in your mind!'

Love ya"



  1. I have a special connection to your 2020 block?!

  2. I have a special connection to your 2020 block?!

  3. I have two repro fabrics, one from Jo Morton, that look like a great match to your checkered fabric.

  4. Thanks for getting back to me! I've been to Temecula but not for a long time. A dear friend of mine taught school there. Enjoy seeing your beautiful quilts!

  5. I picked out my block right after your announcement and quickly forgot it! I'll get busy this weekend in our upcoming blizzard.

  6. I have the piece designed, and the parts are all unpicked and pressed. Afraid it will have to wait until March to actually get made.

  7. I have my antique block picked out and hanging as a reminder to get busy! I will start picking out the fabrics next week and start the process...

  8. Plan is in place, fabric selected and units are laid out ready to start piecing. Not sure where January went. Fighting some heavy duty chronic illness issues. Would give almost anything to get out and just be able to take a LONG walk! Pressing on!

    1. Health first! You have plenty of time for the challenge.


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