Monday, June 27, 2022

Quilts and Crafts for Gifts

I'm sure I've shown you some of these before but I'm going to show them again. We stopped at my sisters in Idaho on our way home and I just love seeing some of the things I've made and gifted her with. The lighting was not good when I took these photos as the sun was going down.

I gave this to her last month for her birthday.

I must have given her this when blue and mauve were popular colors! LOL

I've gifted quite a few penny rugs.

I have a pillow just like this at my house!

I don't recall where I got this quilt. I'm assuming it is from the 60's or 70's. The fabric is all cotton and very thin batting.

Thanks for coming along with me this week during my travels! We should be home late today!



  1. It's so gratifying when we see our quilts being used and loved! I've never made a penny rug - they are so charming.

  2. A fun trip down memory lane seeing all those gifted quilts again. And so nice that your sister obviously loves them and displays them in her home. That's one of the joys of quilting. Safe travels home.

  3. Oh, wow! Look at all those fun quilted and/or wool items your sister has received from you. Surely that feels good to see them loved.

  4. It is really wonderful that your sister loves and displays so many of your projects. Does she sew or quilt too? I love the 50s ish fabric in that last quilt. I looked up Wyoming on Google, it is the least populated state in the contiguous US, only 500,000 people. I am picturing you in idyllic solitude, prob have to create your own resources such as a well, septic tank, hauling trash who knows where---maybe a windmill for electricity even. Oh how exciting.

  5. it is always good to visit family and seeing your quilts being used or on display. Happy you got to go! and Welcome home again!


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