Monday, December 5, 2022

Starshine aka Strings Attached

Remember this quilt? It was made by me and published in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine in August 2021. 
As I am preparing to be a vendor at a quilt show in January......

I've got solid starter packs to go along with the quilt. If you don't work with solids you may not have much of a variety. I hope these bundles will help other quilters. 

I'm doing all of this by hand, including the cutting. Very grass roots! How do you all feel about that? Does it always need to be cut exact and super cutesy?

I'm still in Dominican Republic and hopefully soaking up some sun! I'll be hitting the ground running when I arrive home. 



  1. I think this fits beautifully with the "Humble Quilts" brand. And I for one would need that injection of solids to take on such a project.

  2. The star quilt is fantastic! I do the tops with the machine, but the quilting by hand.

  3. I think the "by hand" method is fine and actually folksy and nice. People will appreciate the mix of solids!!


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