Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Antique Quilt Found in Virginia

As I was prepping to vend at the Oregon Quilt Festival in Salem, I realized I never took ANY photos of this amazing quilt! So I spread it out in my kitchen and snapped these before packing it up to take to the show.  It measures about 80"x80" and has this giant red border! 

It has some simple cable quilting and squares. (filler because the cable wasn't wide enough?)

It has some lovely madder prints and mourning purples,

It has some issues- mostly the browns. 

The green/blue print has been exposed to sun or bleach so it's a little mottled. I couldn't find too much information on the print used for the setting squares. It has a fun floral sprig quilting motif in the squares. 

That center blue is delightful! (see the damaged fabric on the right)

Someone had some access since the entire backing is this lovely print!

This quilt is charming as ever! I'm selling it so let me know if you are interested. ($200plus shipping) 

I'm excited for the rest of this week! I know I'll enjoy the quilts, but I hope I sell some quilt stuff too!

Love ya!



  1. That red border fabric is wonderful! I'd love some of that fabric in my stash! The backing blue is very pretty too. Wishing success at Festival!

  2. That antique quilt is so pretty. The worn spots just show it was probably loved and used over the years.

  3. Love this quilt, it is inspiration for one of my next quilts to make.

  4. Ya can't go wrong with a 9 patch

  5. Really beautiful with green poison

  6. Love the simple 9-patch. What a great old quilt!

  7. Beautiful quilt! Love that border fabric!

  8. Beautiful quilt, lovely border fabric and the green with the blue 'forget me not's' is just amazing!


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